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Friar Lawrence warns "these violent delights have Violent ends". How true is this of Romeo and Juliet?

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Friar Lawrence warns "these violent delights have Violent ends". How true is this of Romeo and Juliet? The quote "these violent delights have violent ends" holds true within Shakespeare's play, Romeo and Juliet. The first main romantic tragedy within the play is that Romeo, the main male character, falls in love with Rosaline. But is he in love or is it just a stage that he is going through? The story begins when a servant comes across a list of names, but is unable to read it. So he asks Romeo and Benvolio help him. Romeo reads out the list of the names, and it turns out to be the invitation to a feast with Capulet. Whilst reading the list, Romeo notices Rosaline's name and he decides he shall go to the party, to try and catch a glimpse of Rosaline. However, Romeo is an enemy of Capulet and as such, can not be seen by him for he fears for his life. Romeo enters the hall of Capulet's mansion and notices a new face amongst the crowed (Juliet). He does not recognise this new face, so he asks one of the servants within the mansion who she is. The servant does not know either, so Romeo waits for her to come closer to him so he can take her aside to find out who she is. ...read more.


They carry on there conversation about there love for each other, but Juliet becomes worried that they will get caught, so she asks him to leave, before he goes, he asks Juliet if she would marry him, "the exchange of thy love's faithful vow for mine". Juliet agrees and Romeo leaves the orchard happy with the answer that he received. The following day Romeo goes to meet Friar Lawrence, he tells the friar how he is no longer in love with Rosaline as he likes Juliet. He tells the friar how he wishes to exchange there vows and get married. The friar approves as he believes that if the two get married, it will solve the conflict between the families. In the end Romeo and Juliet get married. In Act 3 scenes 1, Benvolio and Mercutio are walking down the street and they see Tybalt. They start to walk towards him, and Tybalt asks Benvolio and Mercutio where Romeo is, but they do not know. Romeo then enters the scene and Tybalt asks Romeo "to turn and draw" this was due to Romeo going to the feast at the Capulet's house when he was not invited, but Romeo turns him down to a fight, as now he is married to Juliet, he is related to Tybalt. ...read more.


Romeo has found out the news that Juliet is dead, he then decides that he wants to kill himself so he will be next to his wife, this is all due to finding out that he did not receive the letter about the plan that they had, so Romeo hurry's to get to the tomb where his wife lies, as he walks into the tomb he see's Paris who Juliet was meant to be marrying crying over her tomb, then as Paris see's Romeo he challenges him to a fight, after a lot of fighting Paris is the one who dies so this is a violent end towards the story. He opens Juliet's tomb to se her face he then says "Thus with a kiss I die" this is showing that he is taking the potion which will kill him, he then falls to the floor and dies, not long after he dies the Friar comes in and see that he is dead and Juliet starts to stir, she then realises that her love has killed himself for her so she makes the decision to pick up Romeos dagger and kill her self so this is violence. In act 2 scene 6 The Friar Lawrence warns Romeo that violent delights will have violent ends, from the play this quote is very true, the violent ends were all the deaths that happened and the delights were all mainly involving Romeo and Juliet's love for each other. ...read more.

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