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From Behind.

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From Behind The man ran through the empty cobbled streets. It was a freezing cold winter night and the place was unusually quiet. The only sounds that he could hear were his shoes pounding against the cobbles and sound of his exhausted breathing. All he could feel was an overwhelming sense of fear, combined with an ever-increasing sense of weariness and exhaustion. He had been running for as long as he could remember. And yet he was unable to recall just what he was running away from. He didn't want to know. The only thing he was certain of was that he could not stay where he was, he had to keep moving. The alternative was too horrific to consider. He did not know who or what was pursuing him, but was aware that only thing in the world that mattered was ensuring that it didn't catch him. Even the mere thought of capture caused a shiver of fear to run down his spine. He urged his exhausted body onwards him and began to speed up, in an attempt to put as much distance between himself and whatever it was that was behind him. ...read more.


For a moment he considered using the dagger to take his own life. He formed an image in his mind, picturing himself driving the dagger deep into his stomach and watching as the blood poured out of his wound covering his hands in a deep red. He imagined feeling the cold metal as it pierced his skin and the agony he would feel. Picturing his body collapsing on the stony cold ground as he gasped his last breathes of air, surrounded only by an intense feeling of coldness that increased with every passing moment. Witnessing the sight of his blood running through the cobblestones, like a red river as his consciousness faded away and everything turned to black. And then there would be the unspeakable things that the demonic beast would do to his corpse. Ripping and tearing him into millions of pieces. He recoiled from these images in horror, deciding this was not how he wanted it all to end. There had to be other option available. He racked his brain for some other means of escape. It did not take him too long to realise that there was only one other thing that he could do. ...read more.


Soon the land and harbour side disappeared out of his sight and he felt a sense of triumph as he realised he had finally escaped the source of his terror. His shoulders and back were exhausted from the sheer exhaustion of rowing although this made a change from running. Finally he felt unable to continue any further. He stopped rowing for just a moment to allow himself to himself to reflect on this victory and to rest his tired muscles. His clothes were soaked with his sweat and the spray from the water around him. Every part of his body ached. He was sat alone in the middle of the sea and allowed himself a brief moment of relaxation. Looking around there was nothing for him to focus his eyes upon, only an empty darkness that surrounded him. His felt an icy cold wind blowing against his wet body and he shivered in the cold, he felt colder than he had ever felt before. Looking out across the sea he could see nothing but the still tranquillity of the water. He sat motionless for a moment in the perfect silence. This moment of peace was shattered by an all too familiar sound coming from behind him. There can be no hope of escape this time. It was behind him. ...read more.

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