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From close study of these to chapters from Captain Corelli’s Mandolin what do we learn of the relationship between Dr Iannis and his daughter Pelagia?

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From close study of these to chapters from Captain Corelli's Mandolin what do we learn of the relationship between Dr Iannis and his daughter Pelagia? The key factor in the relationship of father and daughter is understanding. This factor will appear a lot in the depiction of the relationship. Dr Iannis and Pelagia have a basic father/daughter relationship that is strengthened by the fact that their home is occupied by foreign soldiers. It is often the effects of war that bring members of families closer together. Another indication of their closeness is the absence of a mother figure this would have strengthened the bond between father and child, as they must divide the role of `mother' amongst the two of them. We can see that Pelagia plays the part of mother by tending to her father's needs as well as the house work, this is shown in the quotation "Pelagia, who had been carefully spooning the coffee grounds out of that morning's cups so that they could be used again." Where as Dr Iannis takes the parental role of mother, in that he warns Pelagia about seeing the captain and indicates that he was once "a young man too" The roles of parent and child are clearly understood by both characters as Pelagia obeys her father's wishes without question. ...read more.


He does not forbid the relationship, neither does he encourage his daughter, he tells her to "pray for the liberation of the island." Suggesting that she waits until the war is over before she develops or announces her relationship. This is a very significant part of the chapter. It shows that Dr Iannis trusts his daughter. He believes that she will do the right thing. This scene also portrays the love between the two. Dr Iannis knows that the affair would be scandalous, that it goes against Greek tradition and will ultimately bring shame on the family but at the same time, he understands his daughter's need for love, he trusts her to use her judgement wisely and he loves her enough to risk everything for her happiness. Dr Iannis counsels his daughter is a very appropriate title as it is exactly what the father does, he does not forbid, instruct or reprimand. He counsels his daughter and allows her to make the decisions for herself. The writer is very effective in illustrating the relationship. The writer uses language, short phases and character movements as tools to define their closeness and understanding for each other. ...read more.


The end sentence of this chapter is perhaps the most moving of the story; "He was the only man I've loved who loved me to the end, and never bruised my heart, and never for a single moment failed me." The love she is talking about is greater then any love, it has no sexual connotations and it is greater then the love of a family. Because Dr Iannis had so many duties in his daughter's life, his love for Pelagia transcended any other because it was comprised of all different kinds of love. The first studied chapter focused in on Dr Iannis, his feelings and thoughts. The second chapter is written in first person narrative and shows Pelagia's most intimate thoughs and feelings. This is noteworthy as we are shown both of the characters thoughts on the relationship. In conclusion the relationship shown in these two chapters is comprised of almost unimaginable trust, understanding and appreciation of one another's traits. The relationship of Dr Iannis and his daughter Pelagia was so important because it became the centre of the two character's lives. They looked to each other for guidance, understanding and help. There was a balance of power and neither one felt more superior to the other. Their relationship was strengthened by truth, selflessness and their need for support from another person. ...read more.

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