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From inside the police car, Simon watched the black kid getting placed into the ambulance and realised what he had just done.

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Imaginative Essay From inside the police car, Simon watched the black kid getting placed into the ambulance and realised what he had just done. As the ambulance sped off towards the hospital, Simon noticed that Shane had and evil smirk on his face that made Simon feel physically sick. Simon and his family had to move from London to Manchester because of his father's work. Simon was an average child who never really got into bother. He was sixteen years old and had short brown hair, which was usually well combed, blue eyes and very young looking face and was 5 foot 4 inches tall. Simon came from a relatively rich family and so was always well dressed with the latest sports wear. This move to Manchester meant that Simon had to attend a new school, Patterson High, which was a good fifteen minute walk from his house. Simon was very nervous about his first day at his new school because he had not made any new friends over the summer break and knew it would be harder in school. On the first day at his new school, Simon's father dropped him off outside the school gates. As he came out of his Dad's BMW, a group of black kids walked by sniggering and making fun off Simon. Simon knew this was because most of the children who attended this school lived near by and lived in shabby houses and gave the impression that they were jealous of people who had expensive cars and clothes. ...read more.


He though this was bizarre but thought nothing more of it. When Simon was sitting down for, by himself, for lunch in the school cafeteria, as he did everyday, he was joined by the three boys whom he had noticed always getting into fights with Asian or black kids. Simon found this a bit strange because nobody had ever come and joined him for lunch, but he liked it. The three boys introduced themselves. Shane seemed like the leader, he was sixteen, very scruffy looking with long greasy brown hair, and was well built but very short. The other two boys were called Richard and John and like Shane were very scruffy, but were not as well built as him. Richard had dirty blond hair and was very lanky but when he spoke he seemed very smart and knew what he was talking about. John had a skinhead and in height and intelligence was the opposite of Richard. He spoke with a stutter and sometimes Simon, or the other two boys didn't know what he was talking about. They certainly didn't seem to make any allowances for it. Weeks passed by and Simon was now getting on well with the new friends he had made. He had also soon realised that they didn't care much for people of the black race. Even though he didn't share the same views as them he still wanted to be friends with them and so kept his own opinions to himself. ...read more.


Richard, and John were walking home, they noticed they were being followed by a group of black kids. Shane decided the best Idea was to lead them into and ally way to confront them. As the four boys walked into the ally, one of the black youths shouted out, "HEY WHITE TRASH, YOU GOT A PROBLEM WITH US?" "YEAH BLACK BOY!" shouted Shane. The group of black kids started to charge at Shane's group and began lashing out at each other. The black boys were just too strong for Shane's group at first and were only pounding on Richard, John and Shane, but left Simon alone. Suddenly Shane pulled out a knife and was about to stab one of the black boys, but it was kicked out of his hands. The knife was at Simon's feet. He picked it up. Shane was screaming for help at him and so without hesitation he stabbed the boy in the back who was pummelling into Shane. The fighting stopped. The other black boys rushed over to the aid of their fallen friend. Within minutes the police and ambulance services had arrived and they put all the boys in the back of the police cars. Simon was horrified at what he had done, terrified of what would happen to him, and physically sick. He felt that Shane had poisoned his mind and felt ashamed. As the police car passed, with Simon inside, he caught a glimpse of Shane who had an evil smirk on his face as if to say 'well done' By Allan Maclean ...read more.

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