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From my childhood I have some memories that have stuck in my head.

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From my childhood I have some memories that have stuck in my head. All ranging from different emotions some are happy fun sad or not of any significant, but they have all stuck in my mind for an unknown reason. The memory from my childhood that fixed in my mind the most was on 25th of December 1995 the day that day that should be the most happiest of the year but this time it was not. The day started at 5:00am, and as I was only seven years old I frequently need to relive my self and as I was awake at the time I went to the toilet. When I was that age I was very fearful of burglars so I was equipped, as I kept a snooker queue by the door so when I walked out I always carried it out with me. With it rested on my shoulder I looked round the left corner, followed by the right corner and repeated the look over my left shoulder. The coast was clear I took a step out of my door frame and a pile of bags and boxes came into view. ...read more.


Why was dad annoyed? Why are there all of those presents? Then it all fell into place, there is no Farther Christmas. I stared to reassure myself there is a Farther Christmas! But all I could think of was that dad had presents that I asked Farther Christmas for. I eventually admitted it to myself, the next think I knew I found my self crying. Is the whole of Christmas fake? Is the Easter bunny genuine? Is the tooth fairy alive? The tears rolled from the corner of my eye over my cheek bone and ended dropping into my ear making a puddle in both. I turned onto my side the tears followed the same direction and flooded my ear hole, on the other ear the pond fell out and soaked into my pillow. I lay there for an hour and 45 minuets within the digital clock display flick over each minuet until my brother woke up. Together we both got up, he ran down the stairs missing out the last two with excitement. Even thought I knew I should have been excited I could not build up enough emotion as I already knew most of the present that I will receive and also Christmas is a sham. ...read more.


One man was receiving treatment from the woman "specialist." She was little woman bearing a woolly hat, team shirt, thick warm trousers, slipped into her old pair of odd socks and a pair of glasses that were perched on her nose. She was caring the magic water and sponge, using the sponge she soaked up as much of the magic potion she could whilst lighting a cigarette. The woman congers up pitchers of a wizard in my head with the magic water bucket, the sparks from the lighter and her nose which was enormous and pointy with some blemishes on it. The glasses that she wore could have been put to better use like to fill in a church window as they were that thick. She completed her "magic" on the man stood up whist supporting her lower back, patted him on the head like a dog and ruffled his fur. With the cigarette hanging out the side of her mouth every jaw movement which made the ash fall onto the man with she said "Get up only ten minutes till the end o.k., your ok just unfit" After saying that she walked away cackling. Liam Marriott 11L In this course work I will describe parts of my childhood that I have remembered like miniature video clips of my mind. ...read more.

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