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From studying 'The Adventure of the Engineers Thumb', 'The Speckled Band' and 'The Red Headed League' why do you think Doyle's Sherlock Holmes stories went on to become popular around the world?

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From studying 'The Adventure of the Engineers Thumb', 'The Speckled Band' and 'The Red Headed League' why do you think Doyle's Sherlock Holmes stories went on to become popular around the world? The following is an attempt to show how Sherlock Holmes is still popular today. Some of the themes I will be looking at are murder, robbery and horror. Sherlock Holmes is an intelligent detective and his assistant Dr Watson is almost like the reader because he thinks the same way as the reader. Another reason why Sherlock Holmes is still popular today is the way Sir Arthur Conan Doyle uses a familiar narrative structure in each of his Sherlock Holmes stories. In the 1880's, the cities were growing so more and more people were living among strangers. This made people become more cautious of each other. Sir Robert Peel founded the Metropolitan Police, which made the people feel much safer. These are where Sir Arthur Conan Doyle got his inspiration. Firstly, Sherlock Holmes is a fascinating protagonist because solving crime is almost like a hobby for him. ...read more.


They are always solving crimes together as well. The themes Sherlock Holmes' stories deal with are very popular ones such as murder, robbery and horror. In 'The Adventure of the Engineers Thumb', Victor escapes death from the pressing room and also does Lysander Stark chop off his thumb. Dr Roylott who is money mad, kills Julia with an exotic snake so she doesn't get the money she is entitled to. The clank of the metal was the sound that the safe made when the snake was coming out and the whistle was to call the snake. In 'The Red Headed League', the people in charge of the league want to get the owner of the bank out of the way so they can rob the bank but the idea of copying out an encyclopaedia is just to strange and they get caught. Going back to the engineer's thumb, all that Lysander Stark wants is for Victor to fix the machine so he can forge more coins. We know that the pressing machine crushed a first engineer because Elisa said 'you said it should not be again'. ...read more.


This pleasure in finding out the answers is paralleled by the pleasure of reading a familiarly structured story. All three of the stories we read began with Dr Watson telling the reader the story of the case. Then we have the victim telling Holmes and Watson the details of the case. This is then followed by Holmes and Watson going to the crime scene to investigate. At the story's end, Holmes explains exactly how he solved the crime. Holmes' ability at solving crimes is also a source of pleasure as the reader can relate with Holmes to see if he can put together the meaning of the clues and arrive at the correct solution to the mystery. It is this ability that Holmes has of using deduction to arrive at an impossible answer for the clues that also give the readers pleasure. To conclude my essay, I think that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's stories are very interesting because they give the reader a variety of themes, suspense and pleasure. This is why I think Sherlock Holmes and his stories are so popular, even today. Temel Adil 10TA Coursework ...read more.

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