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From the poems studied on the theme of Love and Relationships, compare one poem written pre-1914 with another written post-1914, in terms of the ideas presented and the ways in which each poet has chosen to express their ideas effectively.

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From the poems studied on the theme of 'Love and Relationships', compare one poem written pre-1914 with another written post-1914, in terms of the ideas presented and the ways in which each poet has chosen to express their ideas effectively. Valentine and Sonnet 116 are both poems that carry a theme of love, which is expressed as constant and everlasting; but Shakespeare and Duffy both have different views about love. Duffy shows it as an unusual present for Valentine's Day, but it is really an exploration of love and the nature and relationships between two people, whereas in Sonnet 116, we find that Shakespeare presented love in a more serious matter. In both poems we face a rollercoaster of different attitudes, and the tone reveals a big deal about how the poets react towards the subject. ...read more.


As well as the language, the structure of the poem shares an importance of the meaning, because w are being told how to read the poem 'Valentine' is mainly written in disorganized phrases, which may co notate that love can be disjointed. She also separates stanzas due to their impact on the reader, e.g. 'I give you an onion' Duffy uses short words or phrases that are very effective, such as 'lethal' and 'take it'. These make an impression on the reader because it makes them stop and think. Alternatively, I think that Sonnet 116 is a more serious poem about love, that re informs us of the importance and value of love. The tone of this poem is very tough and strong, it influences that Shakespeare is aware of the reality of love. ...read more.


The reader may find that that easier to picture. The structure of the poem is unusual as it is presented in one stanza, this may clarify that love has only one sense. The poem also has a couplet at the end - 'If this be error and upon me prov'd, I never writ, nor any man ever lov'd' Through this, Shakespeare is trying to make us notice that if he has judged love in an inappropriate manner, then no man really loved... I personally admired the idea behind Valentine, by Carol Ann Duffy, as it was more interesting, due to its unique way of description. Sonnet 116 did sound original, but it remained a sweet poem, that ignored all the negatives of love. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 ...read more.

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