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From the poems you have studied, compare the way a selection of ballads expresses a variety of ideas and emotions. You should refer to at lest four poems in the essay.

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From the poems you have studied, compare the way a selection of ballads expresses a variety of ideas and emotions. You should refer to at lest four poems in the essay. Ballads are a form of poem / song which was an oral tradition in the early 16th century, they where a means of getting information out to people like tabloid newspapers do now, the ballads written where originally songs which where related to gossip or current affairs they would have often been printed on very cheap paper and then sold, they where a very early form of newspapers like the sun or mirror. When these ballads where written they did not have much detail and normally had tragic stories and where written in stanza or verses and would often have a moral to them like in the 'Earl Brand' ballad. ...read more.


This ballad is about a young girl who is very timid and coy due to the fact that people hate her in her home town because here father has the job of a bailiff, so she sets of to London to find a boy who she fell in love with she then finds him and falls instantly in love and gets married .this ballad is a lot like 'Earl brand' because there both about love, they also both have dialogue .they also use colour quite a lot to symbolise passion ,love and a lease of new life. 'Edward' is an example of a Scottish ballad, which was written in the 18th century, this ballad is composed entirely of dialogue 'Edward' is about a man who has accidentally bumped into his mum wearing a bloody shirt his mother then interrogates him trying to find out what ...read more.


The wife of Mr Mamming but this soon was to back fire when they get caught red in the act and they get killed by hanging or as it's put in the ballad the 'Fatal Tree' .like the other ballads this one has a lot of rhyming In it .this ballad has a lot more detail unlike the others which where quite brief in terms of detail,you can get the moral from this ballad more easy unlike the rest . Having read these set of ballads I feel that ballads are very interesting, they all have hidden meaning and a moral to them the ballad that I found the easy to understand and most interesting was Edward because it was easy to get into and I had lots of dramatic text and I could kind of relate to what Edward was saying. Jermaine Wilson 11IY ...read more.

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