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From the stories you read, show how Thomas Hardy reveals the social, historical and cultural pressures, which faced women at that time.

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From the stories you read, show how Thomas Hardy reveals the social, historical and cultural pressures, which faced women at that time. Thomas Hardy was born in Dorset on the second of June 1840; he was born into the lower class. He was taught to read and write at an early age making him want to write stories in the future. After he wrote and got his first short story published he started to rise up the classes into the higher middle class taking his sense of responsibility over the rights for women of the era. His stories were based on his personal experiences as you can tell with all the detail he uses in his descriptions, one example is when he describes the hanging in the Withered Arm as he described it to the final details, it's also shown when he describes the clothes such as the milk maid in the Withered Arm "in a long white pinafore or 'wropper'." ...read more.


It will ruin me! A miserable boor! A churl! A clown! It will degrade me in the eyes of all the gentlemen in England!'" This is Randolph from 'The Son's Veto' saying this to his own mother just because she wants to get remarried, it shows how snobbish the upper class was, and as his mother was raised in a lower class then Randolph dislikes her because she embarrasses him. "He was reducing their compass to a few thousand wealthy and titled people, the mere veneer of a thousand million or so of others who did not interest him at all." This is also showing how much of a snob Randolph is cutting off everyone who he doesn't think is important enough to be acknowledged. Woman's rights in those times were very limited and based totally on what men thought/wanted such as a woman could not have a proper job or earn a living such as Sophy in 'The Son's Veto.' ...read more.


Sophy in 'The Son's Veto' who was isolated inside her house, limited by her wheel chair and her son disliked her because of her upbringing. People thought that if someone conceived a child without being married, that they are a horrid person. An example of this is Rhoda in 'The Withered Arm' as she conceived a child from having relations with Farmer Lodge years before the story was set as we saw while reading it. "He ha'n't spoke to Rhoda Brook for years." I mentioned this quote earlier but it's for the same reasons, it shows haw they hated that woman for something she couldn't help, because they had no contraception in those days so how could they have prevented it. The social, cultural and historical pressures put on women in those times where immense they nearly couldn't do anything with out a husband or father; I think these ways of treating women where very unfair but they thought a lot differently then where as I have been brought up in a community based around women. ...read more.

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