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From three to two

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How far would you go to save your loved ones? Well this is the story of my life falling to bits. It was a normal morning in London, therefore it was overcast. The birds were singing like a choir performing. Suzan my wife that I use to call Suzy woke me up, it would be the last time she would be my alarm clock. She woke up late that morning as I had a late night. I felt great, no work and I was also looking forward to take Tom my son to Thorpe Park. As I was changing, Suzy and Tom were eating breakfast, like a normal weekend morning. I walked into the kitchen that Saturday morning and gave my good mornings to Suzy and Tom as they had finished eating their breakfast. Then Suzy informed me that she was going to the local bank to hand in a cheque and she was taking Tom my son with her. It was going to be Suzy's birthday the following week. Suzy was not only my wife, she was the reason I exist. She is the reason why I am alive today, the reason why I say this is because when I use to be in the gang business, when I was only twenty years old. I owed my gang leader Jake money, which I borrowed for a new car. I really wanted a car at that time as I use dream of owning a car since the day I set eyes one. And no I didn't go for a cheap one, yes I was very picky and careless about it, I wanted a car which was fast and a big sum of fifty thousand. ...read more.


My car is a Nissan skyline, it is a cheetah built for speed. I was fortunate that there was traffic on the high road, therefore they were in sight. My rage of anger felt like ramming their car, but I knew if I rammed it, Tom will get hurt and I will end up with no family. Just memories of one. I saw Tom trying to fight the two people in the back seats, but the two men over powering him to make him sit. Tom was like a new pencil zipped up in a pencil case. I felt useless because I could not help him. I tailed them for a mile or two, until they pulled over at a wood factory. I parked outside on the street. At this point I felt time was against me, as I was thinking that they were going to kill my son and I have to stop them before time runs out. I sneaked through past the workers, until I heard Tom scream; this told me he was in danger. I ran to the door, which I heard the scream from. Then I was smacked on the head with a bottle of beer, which knocked me out cold. I thought I was dead. I woke up in my car with a mobile next to me, it was not my one. I felt dizzy like I just came out of a rollercoaster. I could smell beer, I felt like a binge drinker waking up from a hangover. I noticed a needle was injected into me, whoever did this to me broke my promise to my mother, which was I would never take any sort of illegal drugs ever. ...read more.


A gunfight took place, it was like a war of good versus evil, but the goods came out on top. Then Jake popped out with a gun to Tom's head. Tom crying his eyes out, I tried to run to Jake to stop him, but the police held me back, I felt helpless and again Suzy's last words were spinning in my head. This made my heart pound; it felt like a boxer was punching my chest constantly. Then a bullet out of nowhere hit Jake's head and he fell to the floor in agony. Then the sight I had been waiting for from the moment I knew Jake was responsible for Suzy's death, which was Tom running into my arms departing from Jakes bloody carcass. I asked the police officer "who?" he replied "sniper." The police recovered many stolen items from the factory as well as confiscating a whole load of illegal drugs. Tom and me lived through the nightmare unfortunately Suzy did not wake up from it. I know it would take weeks for Tom and even me to get use to the fact that Suzy is dead. And I would try be behind him all the way, I say try because I may have to do time for attempting a robbery and possession of a weapon. Poor Suzy, she I did not know what was in store for her and I felt as if it was my entire fault. Why did I decide to be a member of a vicious gang? How will Tom see this when he is older, will he blame me? To die a week before her birthday and to miss her pearl necklace, which I finally managed to buy is very unfortunate. From three to two. ...read more.

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