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Full Synopsis of David Copprfield.

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  • Submitted: 09/07/2004
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GCSE David Copperfield

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Full Synopsis of David Copprfield

Whilst heavily pregnant with him, David Copperfield's widowed mother receives an unexpected visit at her home in Norfolk from her late husband's aunt, Betsey Trotwood. Trotwood, however, departs in disgust when the baby turns out to be male. David's early childhood is idyllic, and he is the apple of the eyes of his weak-willed, silly, pretty mother and the family's devoted servant Clara Peggotty. Their happiness is shattered when Mrs. Copperfield starts to accept the attentions of the grim Edward Murdstone. David is packed off for a holiday at Yarmouth with Peggotty's relations, who live on the beach in an upturned ship that fascinates him. Her family consists of Daniel, a kindly fisherman, his niece Emily (known as Little Em'ly), her cousin Ham and the comically pessimistic Mrs. Gummidge. David develops a childish love for Little Em'ly.

Upon returning home David is dismayed to learn that his mother is now Mrs. Murdstone. Murdstone is extremely strict and terrifies David. His sister Jane Murdstone becomes housekeeper and is similarly stern and forbidding. When young David fails to fulfil his stepfather's demands in maths lessons, he bites his hand and is imprisoned

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