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Funeral speeches - I think that Mark Antony is by far more effective. He, like Brutus, also succeeds in getting the crowd to listen to him but unlike Brutus he makes them believe in his sincerity.

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Brutus' language is very complex and a fair bit of it goes straight over the crowds head. It also makes him sound better that the crowd and so once again he is distancing himself from the crowd by putting himself above their level of understanding. Unlike Mark Antony, who literally comes down to the crowd's level and talks to them as if he was one of them and not a superior to them. "Censure me in your wisdom, and wake your senses, that you may the better judge" This is an example of how complex Brutus' language is, we have to consider that he is only talking to simple "plebeians" in the street who probably are not well educated and don't understand what he is saying. Another way in which the language of the two men is different is the way that they put their point across. When Brutus speaks he is very dispassionate and shows hardly any emotion at the death of Caesar. Mark Antony however is much more passionate and it is obvious that he is hurt from the death of Caesar. ...read more.


He try's to show the crowd that he killed Caesar because he was ambitious and that if he ever got to that stage then he would kill himself. This is because he loves Rome. Brutus also leaves alone. This is him being very smart; he does this so he can get a quick escape if Mark Antony manages to turn the crowd against him. He tells everyone else to stay and wait to listen to Mark Antony so he can get away. When Mark Antony comes out he is immediately using a prop - in his arms is Caesars body which he has carried out. This instantly silences the crowd and draws their attention. He uses Caesars body for impact and so that the crowd can see what Brutus has done. He now has the crowd's attention, he then takes out Caesars mantle and shows the crowd where Caesar was stabbed. "Look, in this place ran Cassius' dagger through: see what a rent the envious Casca made: through this the well beloved Brutus stabbed" The final prop that Mark Antony uses is Caesars will. He very cleverly plays on the selfishness of the crowd and manages to persuade them to keep listening to him and eventually turns the crowd against Brutus and causes the people to revolt. ...read more.


In all of Shakespeare's plays whenever someone goes against the king they are punished in the end and even sometimes put to death. For example in the end Brutus, Cassius and all the other plotters were punished in 'Julius Caesar' When the audience sees the play they should feel sympathy for Brutus because he is doing the terrible deed because he truly believes he is doing the right thing, however they should also appreciated how well and cleverly Mark Antony turns the crowd around to avenge his friends death. In conclusion both men were successful with their speeches because they both get the crowd to listen to them. Mark Antony was the most successful because in the end he gets the crowd to do what he wants by twisting the truth and appealing to the individual greed of the crowd and their strong emotions. Brutus made a few mistakes that led to his downfall. The first and the most costly one was letting Mark Antony speak to the crowd at all, he was a much better speaker and influenced the crowd massively, if he hadn't have spoken to the crowd none of this would have happened. Brutus also relied on the truth to win over the crowd which was not a powerful as their emotions. ...read more.

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