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Funfair - Narrative Writing

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I stood on a rickety, wooden platform above the entrance to the funfair. The wood was very old, as was evident by the many missing planks. Over the years, people gad engraved things into the cold wood. I could see everything. Every icy breath I took I inhaled the aroma of hotdogs and popcorn. Everywhere I looked, I saw little children devouring pink balls of fuzz on sticks. The floor was coated in crisp orange leaves, and surrounding the funfair were dark, naked trees. Hiding in between the leaves, was a mixture of litter; ripped chocolate bar wrapper and empty drinks cans blended into the foliage. Below me were queues of people, eagerly awaiting entrance to the funfair. The chain of people became increasingly excited as they took a few infrequent steps forwards. From my sanctuary, I could see a group of distrustful teenagers eyeing a handbag. They all wore old, dark, tattered clothing with many tears in them. ...read more.


From it came screams of not happiness, but of pure horror. The ride flung its victims from side to side, up and down, in every direction possible. Underneath the monster stood dozens of worried parents, the hairy caterpillars above their eyes furrowed in worry, horrified that they had let their children onto such a horrible machine. They paced the ground, counting down the seconds until they could take their little angels away from this monstrous ride. A chilling melody reached my ears. I turned by head to locate the source of the sound, and found myself looking at a haunted house. The jet black walls were covered in skulls, and I?m sure their hollow eyes were staring at me. A group of little children bravely walked up to the House, sure that they were old enough to go on this ride on their own. They boarded the dull grey train that would take them through the haunted house. As the cold, metal safety bars clamped down upon the children and a piercing scream erupted from the speakers, I could tell from the look of worry on their faces, they were having second thoughts. ...read more.


Both of them held hands, and looked out across the funfair, shoving that they were shy. Eventually the boy gathered up his courage, and leaned down towards and they both made eye contact. They stood like this for about 5 excruciatingly long seconds before they looked away, and the boy made an excuse about why he leant down. The couple soon walked away. A young boy, about the age of 4 or 5 was wondering the funfair, looking for someone. He was wearing a thin sea-blue coat, and there were tears glistening on his cheeks. He was lost. He wandered around aimlessly, looking for someone he knew, but he couldn?t see anyone. The boy caused some concern to the adults, but many just ignored him. Eventually, a plump lady where bright red clothing found him, held his tiny hand, and guided him away from the crowds. She hugged him and gave him some gloves, and I could see the family resemblance. They both had the same round nose. She was his mother. The mother then picked up her child, determined not to lose him again, and left through one of the exits. ...read more.

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