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Galaxy and Skittles adverts analysed

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Products X and Y are advertised in very different ways despite being similar products. Analyse the ways in which each product is advertised and say what the differences between the two tell you about their intended brand identity. All types of companies use media to advertise and promote their products. Media has developed vastly over the years, firstly from posters and radio to the television and internet. A good advertisement is made up of many things such as how the makers used colour, whether they have used the appropriate music for the scene and a good use of emotional intelligence. The term target market means: who the product is trying to be sold to. ...read more.


Using bus shelters and cinemas would be a great place to advertise these products because people generally like to buy food at cinemas, also at bus stations because people generally have to wait around for a while until their bus arrives therefore giving them time to read posters. In the Galaxy image there is a hand holding the product. It also shows the products wrapping which is gold to show that galaxy is luxurious. The hand is a woman's hand to show passion. The hand holding the product is to entice the consumer to buy their delicious chocolate. The gold wrapping is shown in the picture so that the consumer knows that the product is luxurious and good quality produce. ...read more.


The slogan says "hear the rainbow, taste the rainbow" in doing so it is appealing to a wider range of our senses, not just taste and sight. The slogan is also used so that people can remember the product. The humorous quote "if you filled all the worlds' maracas with skittles no one would ever know." Is there to entertain the reader of the advertisement and reminds us of the sound of maracas and the sound of the skittles in the packet. In my opinion I prefer the skittles advert because I think it has everything a good advertisement needs, for example, it has the bright outstanding colours, the big bold writing, the humorous quote and the slogan all in one compact simple design, it's easy to read and shows you what you're buying and has a lot of immediate impact. ...read more.

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