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Gaming and High School

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Gaming and High School By Arjun Sharma. Well I'm not a professional writer neither am I a professional gamer, so you're probably wondering who are you? I'm a 17 year old teenager who's in his last year of high school and ready to take a step into the real world next year by entering college. I attempt to discuss my experiences with gaming while dealing with high school and attempt to co-relate these topics. I got passionate for gaming since I was in year 7. From PC gaming to console gaming, to all types of games, from role playing games to wrestling games. Me and my friends got together every weekend and used to have a marathon of a gaming session which always ended in a happy note. Gaming has always been something that has cheered me up and been my passenger to support me during the bad times. ...read more.


However, I have experienced the bad side of gaming myself for the past couple of years. Gaming always consumed me during my school life, it would be the first thing that i would touch coming right after school and the last thing I would touch before going back to sleep. There were moments were I just felt trapped in this fictional world with no routes to escape from. Gaming has always been something that affected my academic life, from the beginning of my sophomore year to my current high school year. Maybe addiction is too harsh a word to use for us gamers to explain some of the events take place within our lives. I was never really the brightest of students in my class yet I could still hold my own in terms of academics. ...read more.


It was only after my dreadful SAT result that I realised I need to pull up my try hard pants and ace this. Thankfully it wasn't too little too late for me, and In the past 6 months I worked tremendously hard submitting all my assignment and doing fairly above average in my test and putting gaming as a secondary in my life. I pulled up my GPA to a +3.3 this year and hopefully begin sending application to various colleges. It's funny how sometimes gaming can be a part of our real life issues. I guess the problem for us gamers isn't that gaming is part of our lives; it is a problem when it affects our lives. Right now as I'm writing, Im supposed to right an college application easy but instead I'm writing an article for a gaming site that might or might not get published. DEJA VU all over again ? Arjun Sharma ...read more.

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