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Gangs of the black country

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By Jake Griffiths "Get ya' bananas, ten for a pound! How about you love? Fancy some bananas?" These words could be heard shouted through the rustle and bustle of Dudley Town Market on the High Street. It was a typical market town, it had the smells and some sights, a Norman Castle perched upon a hill overlooked the town, but one could tell that not that long ago this town was something more important than it was today. Dudley was in the heart of the Black Country, it was the key town during the Industrial revolution, supplying iron ore to large companies. Believe it or not underneath the littered ground there are hundreds of man made mines, which have scarred the landscape of the Black Country. The High Street is one long road with shops parallel to each other, but it lacked many 'designer' high street shops; it had a few, but not enough. Since a nearby shopping complex had opened no one wanted to go to Dudley anymore. So this lonely town was left with many pound and discount shops. Mr Arjun Singh, a renowned businessman who had a small chain of discount stores around the Black Country, owned one of these shops. ...read more.


All of his stock was damaged and he could do nothing about it. Abdul heard the struggle in the shop and flung open the shop door to see three bald men destroying his father's shop. He went for one of them but came out the worst as he was thumped in the eye and flung back onto the counter. The three men escaped leaving Abdul with a sore eye and a headache. "I've had enough of this, who does he think he is. We've got to get him Dad I know he killed Mom." "Don't jump to conclusions son, I want to find your moms killer as much as you but you can't go accusing everyone who fits the criteria of a thug." "I've had enough of this, I'm going clubbing" Clubbing was Abdul's way of escaping from things he could not handle. Abdul was sitting at the bar looking depressed and upset. He had just ordered another two shots of vodka and was becoming drunk quickly. The once empty chair beside him was no longer vacant anymore, he could feel it even though he was not looking, he could feel a presence. ...read more.


"You broke my daughter's heart last night. No one does that. You said some pretty nasty things about me last night and you're going to pay for it." Mr Barley lifted the weapon close to Abdul's forehead, his finger firmly fixed on the trigger. "Your mother said some nasty things to me and look what happened to her. Look at what I did to her!" "It was you." Abdul was not surprised but was finally relieved he knew who had killed his mother. "And now you are the only person who knows and that knowledge comes with a price- death!" As he was about to pull the trigger Mr Singh came through the door with his two sons. There was one shot, two shots, 3 shots, 4 shots and then a pause...BANG! A 5th shot. When the autopsy on the 5 dead was done the faces of the dead could not be recognized there was so much damage the bodies could only be identified by skin samples and the size of the bones. The Final verdict was that man middle 50's, a young man around 19, and two boys around the age of 13 were among the dead. However the 5th body was that of a Mr Jason Barley who shot himself in the head after killing the family of four. So much terror and unnecessary hurt for such a small thing. ...read more.

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