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Gasping and out of breath I pushed through the hedges. A wave of relief swept over me, as I looked onward and saw my destination. It seemed to be only a couple of hundred feet away now.

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Gasping and out of breath I pushed through the hedges. A wave of relief swept over me, as I looked onward and saw my destination. It seemed to be only a couple of hundred feet away now. Only a few feet behind me followed my cousin Richard, I could hear him grunt and groan as the thorns viciously attacked his arms and legs. Large white blotches had appeared all over his body where the nettles had pierced his fragile flesh. My legs were soaked in blood from where I had torn free a thorn that had lodged itself above my knee. The wound was jagged and uneven. I wanted desperately to scratch it, but knew that if I did I would only make it worse. We walked through the forested area for about an hour and a half. The suns intensity was starting to take affect and I could feel several beads of sweat forming on my forehead and running off my nose before falling to the ground. My eyes were sore and very strained from squinting to protect my eyes from the sun's blinding rays. Ricky's skin was starting to burn and peel. His unusually fair skin had now turned red and painful looking. He had taken off his t-shirt and had wrapped it around his waist, tucking the sleeves into his shorts to insure that he did not drop it. His pale legs had been exposed to the harshness of the sun and had also started to burn. ...read more.


I told him that he was going to have to stay still of he was just going to hurt himself even more. He grinded his teeth together, and let out a tortured, low pitch growl, as I cleaned the wound for a second time before applying the plaster. His white t-shirt was now heavily soaked in red, sticky blood. After only ten minutes, he was eager to get back to the car, he stood shakily before me and begged me to go back with him. Having no choice I agreed. I started to pack all the stuff back into my bag that he had pulled out when going through it, when I came across the empty sheath. I scanned the ground for my knife. When I couldn't find it I became enraged and searched frantically through the bag, and the area around there he was sitting. Furious I turned to him and demanded that he tell me where my knife was. Slowly and sheepishly he raised his hand and pointed towards the edge of the cliff like drop snarled at him and walked to the edge of the drop. To my surprise I could see the knife, and it wasn't very far down. The knife had become lodges upon one of the many tree roots that protruded through the face of the drop. I sighed with relief suddenly felt a lot calmer. I smiled at Rickey and told his that it was ok, and that I could probably reach it with his help. ...read more.


He also took a hold of the root, and tried to steady himself. We were both short of breath and starting to panic. I put my head down and took a few deep breaths. Suddenly something caught my attention out of the corner of my eye. The root I was holding onto was the same root that my knife had become lodged to! I quickly took a hold of it with my right hand and with a stabbing action lodged it into the ground. It held! I sighed and smiled at Richard. Using the knife, I pulled myself up the face of the drop. As I neared the top I was starting to get tired. I stabbed the knife into she soil; I hit a stone and the knife slammed to an unsuspected halt. My hand slid down the knife handle and onto the blade. The pain rushed through my body but I did not let go of the knife. I screamed in pain and felt my eyes starting to well up. I knew that if I let go I might never get up. I ignored the pain in my hand and continued on as best I could. I stopped every time I got to a new root that was strong enough to support my weight, and helped Richard up. After what seemed like an eternity, we reached the top. Careful not to fall back down I helped Ricky over the edge and lay on the clearing gasping for air. We were both soaked in blood and were covered in soil, but we were just thankful to be alive! ...read more.

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