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Gathering Blue is written by Lois Lowry and is about a recently orphaned girl named Kira

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Olivia Meier English Gathering Blue Book Report Gathering Blue is written by Lois Lowry and is about a recently orphaned girl named Kira who was born with a twisted leg. She lives in a world where weak or disabled people are put to death so she herself lives in constant fear of that happening to her. Kira doesn?t know what the future holds for her until the very powerful Council of Guardians spare her life. She is now holding a job as a very gifted weaver and is given a task that no other member of the community can do. As her talent and job keep her alive she soon realizes she is surrounded by mysteries and secrets that she has to unravel. Kira, the main character in the book, is definitely an Aries. Like those born under the sign of Aries, she is brave, driven, talented and loyal. What, you don?t believe it? Read more to find out why. ...read more.


You are then supposed to rebuild it. When Kira returned to rebuild her little cott on her piece of land a woman named Vandara said she could not build here. Vandara was a woman that scared everybody in the village and for that she was well known and respected. Vandara was very tall and muscular she also had a scar that marked her chin and continued down her neck to one of her broad shoulders. It was said that she had gotten that scar from a long ago battle with a creature living in the forest. When Kira heard she was not allowed to rebuild on her land she stood her ground and said it was her piece of land now because it was her father?s first, then her mother?s and now that her mother has passed away it was hers. Vandara started to get really angry. Kira saw other women coming towards her to see what was going on. ...read more.


She went back to see her because she felt bad for her even though she knew it would be a risk for her or she could get in trouble if people saw her visiting Jo. Kira is also very talented weaver. She was given a very hard task that no other member of the community could do or make and she did it. I think astrology is a fun way to help a person analyze another person?s character and your own character for that matter. It is interesting to think that your character might be based on when you were born. When you read horoscopes that are based on astrology and you read something about your sign, sometimes you can related to that and say yeah, I am like that. If you know a person?s birthdate you can look up their personality characteristics under the astrological sign they fall under. It is fun to find out how they are similar to what the signs represent. Personally, I think it is fun to use astrological signs to analyze a person?s character, but I don?t think I can take it too seriously. ...read more.

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