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GCSE English 30/10/04

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GCSE English 30/10/04 1. The prologue at the start tells us about where, when and why this story happened. It starts off in the village of Verona where two families both as wealthy as each other have a old family quarrel and begin the fighting of these two house holds. It also tells us about how the fighting ends by the son and daughter falling madly in love, through an unfortunate turn of events they take their lives. 2. The Montagues and Capulets are always fighting because they can never really get along with each other when an old feud that no one can really remember who started it, caused this hatred that lead to blood shed. Tybalt (prince of cats) some times causes it, which starts the fight between each family. First Benvolio and other Montagues come across the Capulet men and he tries to keep the peace between them, however Tybalt (Capulet) hates all Montagues and so he starts the fight anyway. 3. The prince threatens that if the fighting continues between the Capulets and the Montagues then he will order both of the fathers' execution. ...read more.


11. Romeo says that he'd not known true love till this night, which means that all the times before he'd not truly loved until this night. He also describes Juliet as being holy in some way by talking about his lips as being pilgrims (holy). 12. Tybalt is always angry at something, either because he does not get his way or because someone has made a mockery of him and so wishes for revenge. If it doesn't go his way then things can turn really nasty really quickly. 13. I think the guy could speak in any other terms than just in words with many different meanings. Also he could lighten up a bit on the love poems, if he did the same things in the book in today's society there would be a few nasty comments made about his character (clingy, needy, desperate and queer). 14. The reason that Juliet is horrified is because if she was to continue with this forbidden love then her own family would defiantly execute her. 15. On the balcony Juliet says "Romeo o Romeo, Wherefore art thou Romeo." ...read more.


When Friar Laurence agrees to help Romeo out he believes that if he can wed Romeo and Juliet then their families would turn from hatred to pure love. 21. Tybalt hates all Montigues and so he would challenge Romeo to a duel of swords just because of all of his anger and rage. 22. Juliet sent Nurse to talk to Romeo about what is going to happen about the wedding. But Nurse caught Romeo with his friends at kind of a bad time. 23. Romeo tells Nurse to tell Juliet that when she goes to confession there Friar Laurence will wed them on that night so that their dreams will come true. 24. When Nurse arrives back with news from Romeo to give to Juliet she does not immediately tell Juliet because Nurse wishes to tease her just for fun. This makes Juliet very impatient and yet still the Nurse persists in dragging out the news. 25. I think that Nurse does like Romeo and also approves of the marriage between Romeo and Juliet because she doesn't believe in what is best for the family, she believes in what's best for Juliet and Nurse thinks Romeo is good for Juliet. ?? ?? ?? ?? Alexander Wilson GCSE English ...read more.

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