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GCSE English Language Coursework

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GCSE English Language Coursework Rebecca was short, skinny and had very pale skin; she had dark blonde hair and blue eyes. Rebecca was wearing a grey dress, white blouse and white socks and black shoes. The black shoes were new and clean. In fact all of her uniform was clean and new. Rebecca walked proudly and excitedly down the street leading towards her new school. It was a very long road she was tired walking up the steep street. The street was quite busy with other children going to school and cars driving past. Today was a wet Monday morning it had been raining all last night and there were big puddles on the road. Rebecca stood behind the curb waiting for the cars to stop so she could cross the road and go through the school gates. While she was waiting a big red van drove past her it was the schools minibus, she was stood right next to a muddy puddle and as the minibus drove past it covered her in mud! ...read more.


The old man was the head teacher of Granger hill Secondary School. His name was Mr Green, he was tall and skinny and had grey and white hair. He also had some wrinkles around his mouth. Mr Green was carrying a folder in his hand that said Rebecca's name on it. She was wondering what could have been inside. Whilst they were walking the head teacher said " By the way, I am the head as you can see on my badge my name is Mr Green. Your classroom is on the second floor number 27 and as we like to call it "B27". Before we go in may I ask why you are so wet and muddy? Oh, and you are late, school starts at 9.00 you should be here at 8.45 and now it is 9.10" Mr Green said. ...read more.


" Today Rebecca is joining your class, I would like everyone to be friendly with her and help her around the school, in fact who would want to volunteer to help her during this week?" The whole class was silent, no one raised their hand or said, " Yes Miss" or " Please Miss Can I?" But then a little girl in the back corner of a reasonably small classroom put her hand in the air and said " Yes Mrs Williams I will help her" Her name was Laura. She had short boy ginger hair, she was wearing a black skirt with a blouse and a tie. " Oh thank you young lady," said Mr Green before he left the room. " Ok Rebecca you can go and sit next to Laura by the window" Mrs Williams pointed towards the seat. " Yes Miss" replied Rebecca. Everyone watched her as she walked slowly towards her seat. Rebecca looked at Laura and Laura gave her a smile. Rebecca had made a new friend. Ramandip Kaur Badwal 10HG ...read more.

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