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GCSE English mice and men

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GCSE English : Diverse cultures Discuss the importance of dreams in "Mice and Men" Dreams, there are two types of dreams. One of them is when you are asleep and you dream. The other kind is a dream, which represents ones ambition and hope. There is a name for this type of dream it is "The American Dream". John Steinbeck had studied the myths of King Arthur and was interested in the nature of dreams in general and how people often secretly know that they will never come true but they keep it alive to motivate themselves before he wrote this novel. Through Mice and Men Steinbeck shows this theory through George because he only belived in their dream to keep Lennie motivated, and Lennie's motivation kept George's hope in their dream alive. Though when Lennie dies so does George's hope and the dream. In this story "The American Dream" is extremely important. The importance of dreams is clearly shown as everyone in this story has dreams; the dreams in this story dose not only represent ambition but also mainly hope. This is what keeps the men in the ranch going in the hope that they one day may achieve their dream. Everyone in the ranch has dreams; Candy's dream was, not to be thrown out of the ranch and to become involved with George and Lennies dream not only for the security but also for the company. ...read more.


and will do anything to achieve it this is shown when he tries to hide his dead puppy from Curley's wife "In a panic he shovelled the hay over the puppy with his fingers an looked sullenly at her" he did this in the fear of not being able to fulfil his dream of tending the rabbits, "George ain't gonna let me tend no rabbits now " "Why don't he?" "Well he said if I done any more bad things he ain't gonna let me tend the rabbits." This shows how much of a father/ authority figure George is to Lennie as far as Lennie is concerned what ever George says goes. George feels the need to believe in the dream for Lennies sake to keep him happy. "I think I knowed from the very first. I think I knowed we'd never do her. He usta like to hear about it so much I got thinking maybe we would." Candy and Crooks help us understand how important dreams are, this is because I feel out of the whole book their dreams were the simplest and today it would not have been a dream but a reality this is because Crook's dream was to have equal rights and Candy's dream was to have stability, security and comfort which is the NHS in this country. This shows that dreams are achievable though it takes time. ...read more.


" Another character for whom dreams are important is, Curley's wife's dream, to become a movie star and be in the pictures. She belived she could be in the pictures because one night before she married Curley she met a guy who claimed to be from Hollywood at the "Riverside dance" and said that she was pretty enough to be put in the pictures. "A guy tol' me he could put me in pitchers". All Curley's wife wanted was a little bit of attention and affection though seeing as it was in a mans world it would be very rare to actually get it. Dreams are Vital in this story to all the characters who want hope, for example Crooks does not want to have a dream because he will need hope but he has no hope of people not discriminating him because he is black. I feel that if this book was written today these characters would not all have the same dreams as is written for them. The reason being today there are equal rights, civil rights, NHS, etc. I think that if this novel was written today all the people on the ranch would have another dream even Crooks because today there is equality and Civil rights. My point being even if this novel was written today in this day and age there would still be dreams, there were in the past, there are today and there will be in the future, these dreams all represent hope and as long as these dreams exist so will we. ...read more.

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