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GCSE English Original Writing.

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GCSE English Original Writing. My Soldier Diary Dear Diary, Just a few days ago I was a happy young man, I was really excited too sign up to the army but also anxious at the same time because I didn't have an idea of what the army life would have been like but I wanted to find out. I look forward on trying the uniforms but after a few days my uniform is torn and dirty. I am alone in this world no one to talk too, no one willing to give an extra hand but I have to stay strong for my loved ones at home. The worst day and hardest day of my life was when I left my family at the train station. It was so awful watching my family standing at the train station as I travelled away, as I saw the tear drip from my wives face my heart tremble, it felt like it was getting torn out my body, I was heart broken I have never felt like this before I was just thinking about how long it would be before her again, I wouldn't be able to touch her soft smooth touch every time I get lonely I couldn't handle it but yet I carried on with my journey. ...read more.


I was thrilled at the prospect of what may happen. Already been in some gunfire action it was terrible my only friend at this time died, it all started as we was walking through enemy territories, we just walking through and just a split second let our guard down and BANG! Torn was dead I couldn't believe what had happened he struck off a mine I went crazy, I lost it I just started to shoot madly in the air, all this was because of me I thought what could go wrong just have a quick chat with him what's the worst that could happen but I guess I found out. Later that day my eyes slowly opened suddenly I just had a major headache I sat up look around we was back at camp I was confused I didn't even know how I got here then a soldier walk over to me and apologize I was confused I was thinking why is he apologizing for, then he explained it to me he told me that he hit me over the back of the head because if I carried on firing I would gave our position away, I guess that explained the headache. After my recovery we all went out we got told by our leader officer to set foot in Aden to reach base 1. ...read more.


While I have been here a few soldiers, friends have died it makes me feel so sick sometimes I feel like killing my self, like the day when we had to berry Torn I couldn't handle it, he was the 1st soldier for me to witness die and as we chuck him in the lake the water went to a red bloody colour it was disgusting it made me puke, I dropped to my knees and tears slowly poured out my eyes then I look up crying out to the sky cause I was lonely and scared What was I thinking joining up to the army, I just want to go home to my loved ones I miss them so much and I didn't even get a chance to tell me father that I loved him, we had a massif argument before I left, now he thinks I hate him, what have I done I love my family so much. This is probably the last time I am going to be writing to my diary and I use to think only wimps would write a diary but here I am. Tomorrow we are heading to enemy territories and it is unlikely for me to come back alive... ?? ?? ?? ?? Ammar Kaid 10K1 ...read more.

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