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GCSE language poetry

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Language and layout: language and layout are two key assets used by poets for effect. In Lawerence Ferlinghetti's "Two Scavengers in A truck Two beautiful people in Mercedes" explores the difference in wealth amongst people in American society. In Tatamkhulu Afrika's "Nothing's Changed" the poet uses language and layout to portray the concept of Apartheid in his country. This essay will be a critical analysis of the poet's analytical writing styles. Firstly Ferlinghetti uses the structural pattern of enjambment for effect. The reader establishes the enjambment is used to portray the cyclical process of the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer. The poet uses one stanza for the layout. This allows the poet to create a vignette with which the reader can visualise the social inequality amongst the two sets of people. ...read more.


Similarly in Ferlinghetti's poem one set of people are better than the other set of people. The reader can acknowledge that the poet feels very strongly about this contextual issue and is very distressed by the "white's only inn". The words "whites only" provides the reader with another insight into the white people's dominance. They are very shocking discriminating words which are not present in today society. The word "inn" allows the poet to keep the reader in touch with the time period were racism are discrimination were common feats. Both poets exemplify how there is a massive social inequality between two sets of people. However one poet's issue is much bigger than the others. Secondly Ferlinghetti uses the linguistic technique of an oxymoron to portray the effect of social inequality. ...read more.


"Flaring like a flag". This provides a vivid description into how dominant the white people were over the black people. The poet is fearful every time he enters "District six". Every source is trying to taunt him and intimidate him. The word "flaring like" shows the white are proud of their dominance over the black people. They want their dominance to be a spectacle to show the world their dominance. The word "flag" shows the poets fear and anger. Even such a simple source such a "flag" makes the poet angry. The language used by the poet shows the effect it had upon him and apartheid was a major contextual issue in African history. Both poets present the idea of social inequality through their different linguistic techniques. Both poets show their passion an interest in trying to abolish their respective issue and bring equality in their respective countries. ...read more.

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