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GCSE Media Assignment

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How does the Front Cover and the Editorial page of your chosen magazine effectively target and reflect the interests of the reader? There are many magazines out there to suit everyone's needs and demands in the form of entertainment - from the oldest fashions to the latest fashion; from the latest gadgets and games to man's darkest desires. The most important aspect of magazines, when sat on shelves next to dozens of other magazines, is the front cover. The front cover of a magazine is the first thing that meets the eye of the person browsing through all the different magazines. Therefore opinions are usually formed at first glance so it is very important for the front cover to be eye-catching, outstanding and overall relevant to the content inside the magazine. This month, one magazine stole my attention above any other platform-based gaming magazine out there and there are mainly two reasons for that: exclusive content and a colourful full-page image of the exclusively reviewed game in the background behind all the banners and writings. The magazine is called PlayStation World (often shortened to PSW) ...read more.


Emphasis is put into the text describing the content inside the magazine using tilted text with bright red backgrounds or bright red font colours. Again red is used to emphasise on how exciting the articles inside are. The size of the font used also plays a big part in emphasising the content as the most important headlines are in bold whereas less important texts are written in smaller sizes; for example, the piece of text showing which consoles this magazine covers. This is so that the main 'sell lines' can be read from a distance. In this issue of the magazine, the magazine is mostly targeted at racing game fans as it has two exclusive reviews of the two upcoming racing games and of course, it has no problems showing just that. SEGA RALLY and JUICED 2, both of which are racing games, are written in a very eye-catching bold writing. There are a lot of exclamation marks used to make the buyer be more alive and enthusiastic about going on to read the articles inside. It is very informal and energetic to match the target audience of the magazine. ...read more.


are such as "What a months, eh?", followed by declaratives telling the reader what they should be thinking of: "We've had loads of..." and exclamatives: "coming your way!" to excite the reader about the statement they've just read. Slang is also used to tone down the level of seriousness and make the editor seem like a friend to the reader. Overall I think that this month's issue of PSW is quite successful in targeting and reflecting the interests of the reader although I think it could have targeted a wider audience and not just the gamers interested in racing games since over half of the PSW readers prefer First Person Shooter (FPS) games, so in my opinion the articles targeting those of a FPS nature, could have been shown a bit clearer on the front page. On the other hand, I think the editorial page does an excellent job in targeting the targeted audience of the magazine since it has welcoming and friendly but masculine feel to it which reflects the average reader of this magazine plus it also talks about a wider variety of games and not just racing games unlike the front page. ?? ?? ?? ?? Salar Eftekhary - 10PM - 1 - ...read more.

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