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GCSE Original Writing "Ding Dong merrily on the high"

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15th December: Here I was, Christmas shopping for my sons, family, and friends. I couldn't have been happier! The atmosphere everywhere was so warm-hearted, and it really did give one a sense of cheerfulness after a long hard year's work. I made my decision that I would go to Oxford Street; after all, it was only thirty minutes away. This sense of enthusiasm enabled me to ignore the slight, yet (understandably) inevitable traffic congestion on the way to my destination. Anyway, after getting a ticket and thankfully finding a parking space, managing to edge open the door without smashing it into another person's car, I eventually got out. As I made my way to the shopping street, I noticed the air was surprisingly warm; however, there was no sign of the sun. This was strange for a day in the middle of winter. My initial impressions of the place (I had never been here before) were that of surprise at how huge and overwhelming it was- even on the outside. All the buildings matched one another, with the same dark-brown architecture, and some of the buildings rose to nearly fifty metres high! As I exited the car park and in a matter of minutes entered the street itself, all the feelings of happiness and excitement just simply disappeared - this was bad. ...read more.


It was completely and utterly impossible to hear yourself think, let alone speak, and instead the shopping street was full of the simultaneous sounds of moody kids screaming, unnecessarily loud police sirens screeching, shop tills beeping, fancy high heels clacking, and irksome chavs shouting. This was clearly audible far from the street (bizarrely I had not noticed this) and, put together, it was as excruciating to the ears as being hit round the head with a leather belt! After an extensive five minutes of attempting to get to Beales merely eighty metres down the street, I developed a splitting headache, and left that idea until later. Furthermore, the dense, warm, putrid air of the shopping street was full of the smell of greasy KFC bargain buckets, salty grilled sausages with ketchup, and other such odorous monstrosities. Even if you were hungry, the mere aroma of this fast "food" at such a high concentration made you feel sick, not to mention the collective foul, rancid smell of many people's body odour on such a hot day for the Christmas holidays. What should have been a happy, satisfactory, yearly experience had turned into, unfortunately, a real nightmare of an outing. After taking all of this in, I felt the best option would be to have lunch first and wait for the massive wave of people to die down a little before actually attempting to get some shopping done. ...read more.


After swallowing the burger (with difficulty), I left the remainder to be tidied up by one of the unfortunate people who had to clean at this place. The orange juice didn't taste particularly good either, but it was good enough to rid my mouth of the taste of that wretched burger. As I walked out of McDonald's, I had had quite enough, and was definitely not in the mood for doing any more shopping. As soon as I had arrived here, thinking that there would be much more opportunity and choice than my local high street, I was bombarded with bad impressions, and therefore I felt like leaving the shopping for another day, and I certainly wouldn't be doing it here again! I made my way to the car, realizing that I was half an hour late for my ticket, despite ending up not buying anything at all. I expected the worst, and I should have as well, seeing as my day was not what you would call 'lucky'. I remember starting to see a piece of paper of some sort, flapping away at my windscreen. My spirits sunk yet again, but then, however, I realized that it was a flyer advertising a Christmas charity lunch, organised by a local children's hospice. At least I left with a feeling of the true sense of Christmas... ?? ?? ?? ?? Marc Hardwick 10R English GCSE Coursework- Original Writing ...read more.

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