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(GCSE)Our Town Essay

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Our Town Essay Thornton Wilder wants to leave us with an impression and views about everyday life by the end of Act 1. Even at the start of the play, Wilder set the scene as very simplistic, which allows the audience to imagine and create their own personal version of the town. This makes the play much more relatable and interesting. The picture of life in Grovers Corners starts off with the description of the town. The audience is told where exactly everything is, what goes on where and during this time that we are still learning about the town, we are told what happens to some of the main characters. This is very unique and rare as most plays are building up through the whole play to the ending, yet Wilder changed "Our Town" and rather we are affected and learning the whole way during this play. This fantastic description of Grovers Corners sets the scene for the rest of the play, not only describing what you see but what you can't which is very effective in making this play as realistic as it is. ...read more.


We see this in George and Emily's relationship. They are friends that have grown up together and Wilder makes it clear to us that their lives are going to interject somehow and these suspicions start as soon as we hear the conversation between Emily and George. All during the first act we see all stages of life and as we already know, George and Emily get married. This is very effective as it gives us a better picture of the town on a whole rather than just a few characters but makes it seem very real and ordinary. Near the closing of the day, when the Church choir gather and we are told of the women who met after, the close group of friends that include Mrs Gibbs and Mrs Webb. They gossip and chat about Simon Stimson and about his drinking problem. In the First Act, Wilder shows us all aspects of the town and doesn't leave anything out. ...read more.


It gives the impression of being connected with Grovers Corners while it is being explained and the story of the lives told. It doesn't follow the normal way of a play and this makes it different. The main reason Wilder did this was to make the audience see the point of this play, that everyday life was taken for granted by everyone. The Stage Manager has a high importance and he can be seen as a narrator of the play, but not only does he introduce the play, but gives us key information and details we need to know to fully grasp and understand Our Town. The Stage Manager also inputs his opinion at certain times into the play, that makes you think about it and I think its Wilders way of showing the meaning of certain parts of the play. The Stage Manager is also used to create an impression of the life in Our Town that we don't see. Another key point that Wilder used to create a picture of the life in Grovers Corners is the many references to time in the play. ...read more.

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