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GCSE Romeo and Juliet

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GCSE Romeo and Juliet The out come of the play was Romeo and Juliet both killed themselves. This shows the society of the time was very different to ours, they got married and had chrildren at a young age and believed in fate and fortune telling. The events in the play would be viewed in different ways now-a- days. I will be looking at the play in its social, cultural and historical context. The Capulets and Montagues are in the street fighting in act one scene one. Sampson starts the fight by saying "I will bit my thumb at them".which was an insult in those days Benvolio tries to stop it and says "I do but keep the peace" but Tybalt wants the fight to keep going and says "Turn thee Benvolio look upon thy death". Tybalts words are particulary significant in this scene. He is very angry and he can't back down or people will think he is weak. He tells Benvolio "What, drawn and talk of peace? I hate the word, as I hate the word, As I hate, all montagues, and thee have at thee coward". ...read more.


She tells lady Capulet "I'll look to like, if looking move; But no more deep will i endart mine eye Than your consent gives strength to make it fly". In act three scene four, Capulet tells Paris that Juliet will definitely marry him, " I think she will be ruled in all respects by me; nay more, I doubt it not". Capulet want's the wedding so soon because Paris is related to Prince Escales so Capulet won't get in as much trouble if a fight beaks out. In the society of this time, women obey the men. Capulet orders lady Capulet, "wife, go you to her ere you go to bed, Acquaint her here of my son Paris' love," In act three scene five, when Juliet refuses to marry Paris, Capulet loses his temper with her. He is shouting at Juliet he wishes she was dead and is realy angry at Juliet. Capulet wants to hit Juliet and tells her "My fingers itch." In the previous scenes he was really kind but now he is infuriated with Juliet. The men in Shakespear's time have no respect for women, they tell them what to do and use them as slaves. ...read more.


and Romeo says ""ha ,banishment? be merciful, say death:". I think they are young and naive and don't understand there are plently more people out there they are bound to like more, The society of the time effects the outcome because parents had much more control over their chrildren n the chrildren where married even if they were not in love. In shakespeare's time, people believed in fate and the idea that no one could stop what was meant to happen fate is first mentioned in the prologue where Romeo and Juliet are called " A pair of star crossed lovers." Romeo thinks the day Mercutio died it was an unlucky day, he says "This day's black fate" and "O, i am fortunes fool". Also Romeo didn't get Friar Lawerences letter so when he went back for Juliet he thought she was really dead and he kills himself. Friar Lawerence thinks, God has stopped the plan from working. I don't think the outcome of the play was due to fate. i think it was the foolish plans. The most significant factor to the outcome was the feud If the families got alonge they could have been together. Fate played the lesser parts because now-a-days we don't believe in fate. ...read more.

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