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GCSE Shakespeare Coursework: Macbeth

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Ben wood 10 croft GCSE Shakespeare Coursework: Macbeth Discuss the Dramatic Qualities of Act 3 Scene 4 In Relation To the Play as a Whole In act 3 scene 4 Macbeth is holding a banquet. The purpose of the banquet is to celebrate his coronation to king of Scotland, to show authority and most of all to have an alibi for death of Banquo. To show his authority he says things like 'ourself will mingle with society.' This quote uses the royal plural where he means himself. This shows that he knows he's king and wants to show it. By mingling he make the thaines feel right at home and the will not expect anything wrong has happened and he seals this by saying 'here had we now our country's honour roofed, were the graced person of our Banquo present' showing that he missed Banquo being there. ...read more.


This contributes to the development of the character by making him make bad decisions because everything he does is to try and make him feel safe from the last thing he did. The role of the ghost is to show the audience what Macbeth's state of mind. The ghost represents the fact that even though Macbeth killed Banquo to feel safe he's still haunted with fear. The role of a ghost in the 17th century was to show that the person haunted had something to hide. On stage I would have the ghost on stage because it is more obvious what's going on and it's easier for the actor to react to it. Macbeth is very paranoid about anything during this scene 'why do you make such faces? When all's done, you look but on a stool.' This shows that all the thaines and lady Macbeth can see is Macbeth cowering from a stool. ...read more.


She is also very powerful over the king managing to change his decisions just by talking to him. Lady Macbeth gets Macbeth to calm down by dismissing all the thaines so there is nothing for him to be paranoid about and so he doesn't give any information away. This has happened before when he hallucinates about the dagger that he killed Duncan with. In public Macbeth seems more in control because lady Macbeth is 'only a women' so she tries to act like she knows nothing about anything and does things like faint when Macbeth kills the guards. The stronger one out of the two is lady Macbeth but even she cracks when she dreams of their being blood on her hands and tries washing it while sleepwalking. Lady Macbeth is a very powerful and demanding person at the right times. 'Stand not upon the order of going but go at once.' This is bad because if the thaines feel there is something wrong with their lord they will become suspicious when a woman takes over his job. ...read more.

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