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GCSE Travel Writing The door of the aeroplane opened and we stepped into the humid night air, complimented by a cool Mediterranean breeze

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The door of the aeroplane opened and we stepped into the humid night air, complimented by a cool Mediterranean breeze. This was the perfect conclusion to a memorable journey, of which, imprinted in my mind, there are images I can never forget: like flying over the Alps at sunset. The little tram that was patiently waiting for the passengers, shone like a little beacon, creating a warm yellow glow that flooded the runway. We filed onto it, or rather; we packed onto it like cattle into a hold, with each person's space so limited they struggled to stand; everywhere you looked, you could see complete strangers helping each other to keep their balance. Looking back at this memory, although these gestures made me confused at the time, the actions that were made by the people around me almost represented the Maltese community; everybody, although not necessarily knowing each other, were always willing, and happy to help one another. About five minutes later we arrived at the terminal, and were greeted by a buzz of many different languages. ...read more.


We arrived at our flat and I was completely overwhelmed by an extraordinarily powerful scent... LEMONS! Glancing around, I couldn't see where the smell was coming from. As soon as we entered the building I ran through it, unaware, almost subconsciously knowing where to go, finally finding what I was looking for. I threw open the door at the end of the passage, ran through the remaining bedroom towards the huge patio doors and flung them open. Immediately I was engulfed in a rich citrus aroma. I looked up towards the clear night sky to see a gargantuan lemon tree abounding with fruit. That night I left the doors open. All I heard that evening was the chirping of crickets, rustling of lizards and the calls of the sea birds in the distance. The fusion of the heady Mediterranean scents in the night air lulled me into a deep sleep. * * * * * I awoke the next morning with the sunlight streaming through the open doors and onto my face. ...read more.


I looked around, hardly daring to breath, not wanting my breaths to disturb such a breathtaking, tranquil, astounding location. Getting my senses back, I followed my family down the steps of the boat and onto the rocks surrounding the water. After setting down our belongings on a rocky ledge, a few feet above the waves, we finally had a chance to take a better look around. In the depths below us, it was easy to see the darting of brilliantly adorned little fish. The heat of the sun was starting to reach its peak, so overwhelmingly hot, no amount of chilled water had any effect on our sweltering bodies. We climbed into the sea, the cool hands of the waves caressing our bodies until we were eventually refreshed. I climbed out of the crystal clear water and sprawled across the rocky platform. Gazing up into the dazzling blue sky, unspoiled by a solitary cloud, I drifted into an unknown subconscious: surrounded by the pure bliss and beauty of the milieu, lulled by the natural ambience. Something told me I was going to have the time of my life. ?? ?? ?? ?? GCSE Original Writing Travel Writing: Malta ...read more.

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Here's what a teacher thought of this essay

4 star(s)

The writer's impressions of arriving on Malta are expressed with language that effectively conveys his/her excitement and involvement in the experience. Strong adjectives, such as "engulfed", "cherished" and and "gargantuan" are handled skillfully to paint the scene and the essay abounds with the sights, sounds and smells of the island.

Long sentences are attempted with mixed success, but overall the structures are well managed. There are some errors of punctuation but they are mostly minor.

4 stars

Marked by teacher Jeff Taylor 20/05/2013

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