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Geoffrey Chaucer is known as the father of Englsih poetry and is recognized as one of the world's great poets.

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Geoffrey Chaucer is known as the father of Englsih poetry and is recognized as one of the world's great poets. His life, work and writing reveal him as one of the most influential writes in Middle Age history. His poems and stories have flourished throughout history and are still recognized today. "Chaucer's language is barely accessible to readers today and need frequent glossing to be intelligible. Nevertheless, Chaucer stands as a great poet, one of the finest of any era to write in English" (Hussey 152). "The known details of Chaucer's life are sketchy at best" (Ross1). He was born in London to a wine merchant named John Chaucer sometime between 1340-1344. "We do not known exactly when he was born. At a trial in 1386 at which he was a witness, he confessed to be then 'forty years old and more,' so that it is usual to put his birth about 1453" (Hussey153). ...read more.


He began work on The Canterbury Tales, quite possibly his most famous work, about 1387 and wanted each of his pilgrimages to tell four tales. However he was only able to write twenty-three stories before his death. In 1366 Chaucer is believed to have married his wife Philippa after his father's death and his mother's remarriage. "Chaucer made an advantageous marriage, although he may already have been regarded as a coming young man (Hussey154). Geoffrey and his wife may have had up to four children, but the records of his family have little detail and are somewhat mysterious. The records do however show that these four people were relatives of Geoffrey and Philippa, but whether of not they were his children remains a mystery. In 1367, he was awarded the first of many recognitions for his service in the king's court. On April 23, 1374, he was granted the promise of a daily pitcher of wine. ...read more.


Middle English Sounds like Modern y,I "myne, sight" "meet" e,ee "me, meet, mete" (close e) "mate" e "begge, rede" (open e) "bag" a, aa "mate, maat" "father" u, ou "hus, hous" "boot" o, oo "bote, boot" (close o) "oak" o "lof, ok" (open o) "bought" (Teach Yourself to Read 1) In the movie A Knight's Tale very little is said about Chaucer's life and poetry. He is portrayed as sarcastic and humorous. In real life he used a lot of humor but the sarcastic side of Chaucer was not revealed as often as the movie suggests. The movie also tells nothing of his real life as far as all his years in the king's service. He is portrayed as a little known writer, which was probably the only thing realistic about Geoffrey Chaucer in the movie. Chaucer still influences our lives today by giving us timeless literature that anyone can appreciate once interpreted correctly. He is still a huge influence on modern writers, and it's easy to respect a man that was so non-judgmental of people and the world around him. ...read more.

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