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George and Lennie in, “Of Men and Mice”

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George and Lennie in, "Of Men and Mice" George and Lennie are the two main characters in this book. They look after one another and stick together. I think that that itself is quite strange as they are both completely the opposite to each other. Lennie is very dependant on George and probably wouldn't be able to survive without him; he certainly wouldn't be able to get himself out of trouble. But George is much more Independent than Lennie. George is also quite bossy, like a parent but is responsible and practical too. He acts like a parent to Lennie sometimes: "Lennie! Lennie for Gods sake don't drink so much." He often tells Lennie what to do like this example. But he is forced to because of Lennie child like behaviour and sense. Lennie very much in his actions and words reflects the personality of a young child. ...read more.


Because he is already angry about this he snaps at Lennie. He talks about how much better off he would have been if he didn't have Lennie with him and in my opinion he saws some quite harsh things, "You crazy son of a bitch you keep me in hot water all the time." He seems determined to hurt Lennie in this paragraph when he talks like this to him. Particularly during this part of the story, you're forced to feel sympathy for Lennie and feel that George is the 'bad guy'. But we also see Georges caring side again when he sees's Lennies anguished face and he is ashamed of himself. I think George is a compassionate person though. Because he still cares for Lennie and sticks by him and helps him out of trouble by choice. ...read more.


We know that he's forgetful because he doesn't remember where he is going and has to repeat things over and over again to remind himself. We also know that George doesn't trust him because he doesn't let him keep his own workers ticket. Both people think of the dream in different ways, Lennie thinks about it in a very childish dreamy way, and as you'd expect, George thinks practically and really about it. And when he realises he's being unrealistic he stops himself: "-Nuts" I think this shows that he doesn't get his hopes up too high and that he is a down to earth person. George is a planner, he likes to be organised and know what's happening. He plans and tells Lennie where to go if there's trouble at the ranch. George and Lennie are very different people but they both benefit and appreciate the companionship that they share. "But not us! Because...because I got you to look after me, and you got me to look after you and that's why" ...read more.

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