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George and Lennie talk about the dream throughout the story. Discuss the significance of the dream and explain why it fails. - Of Mice and Men

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George and Lennie talk about the dream throughout the story. Discuss the significance of the dream and explain why it fails. The book, 'Of Mice and Men', is set in 1930's California. This was a time of great poverty and unemployment. It was known as the Depression. There was no welfare so people were forced to travel the country looking for work. The book is about two migrant workers called George and Lennie. George and Lennie's dream was a little house and a couple of acres of land, a cow and some pigs and their own ranch. They would grow vegetables and rear chickens "an live off the fatta the lan." George wants himself and Lennie to be able to experience the full cycle of growing the crops for the four seasons of the year "when we put in a crop, why we'd be there to take the crop up." In winter when it was raining they would build up the fire and not work and just listen to the rain falling on the roof. This would allow them to be self-sufficient and their own boss, not living in fear of being fired and constantly being ordered what to do. The men would have a place they could call home and have companionship and security. ...read more.


Crooks lives as an outcast on the ranch, loneliness and being an outcast has made him bitter, "a guy goes nuts if he ain't got nobody". His cruelty to Lennie when he first went into Crooks room was because he was jealous of the companionship Lennie and George had. Curley's wife noticed that while Candy and Crook were looking away from her, Lennie was fascinated by her. Seeing the bruises on his face she wanted to know where he got them. Lennie not being able to understand properly repeated what Curley had had to say about the "han' caught in a machine" and she burst out laughing making Lennie look stupid. Lennie couldn't understand her flirting and Crooks who'd gained more confidence being in the company of Lennie and Candy got up and told her to get out. Curley's wife said "Listen Nigger." She threatened to frame Crooks and she "could get him strung up on a tree." Crooks withdraws into himself and feels the prejudices and feelings of worthlessness that he felt before, come back. As George returns he asks what Candy and Lennie are doing in Crook's room because they shouldn't be in there. As they leave Crooks calls Candy. ...read more.


He was thinking about what he was about to do. George could hear the "men shouting to one another" in the distance so he knew he needed to hurry up and decide what he was going to do. George said "I want you to stay with me here" so that Curley and the other men wouldn't see him. Steinbeck makes his ending powerful when George is talking about the dream to Lennie and asks him to take off his hat. Lennie does this as he's dreaming of their future, saying to Lennie "Ain't gonna be no more trouble. Nobody gonna hurt nobody nor steal from 'em." George shoots Lennie in the back of his head just like Carlson did to Candy's dog. Two reasons for doing this to his best buddy could be because when Candy said he should have shot his dog himself and George remembers this. The other reason being could be that he didn't want Lennie to suffer at the hands of Curley and his men and this was his way of showing love and protectiveness. As Lennie died the 'dream' died with him. In my opinion 'Of Mice and Men' is a tragic story because they never got their dream. Steinbeck throughout the novel gave a sense of hope to the reader and the end was really sad for both George and Lennie. ...read more.

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