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George Orwell – Animal Farm

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Christopher Train Media Assignment: George Orwell - Animal Farm Introduction In 1942 a well-known political writer named Eric Blair, under the pen name of George Orwell, wrote an allegorical story, which he named 'Animal Farm'. He wrote this book mainly to point out the negative effects political systems can have on people and also to send out his views in away, which were disguised in a tale about animals living on a farm rebelling against humans. The theme of the book was not totally different, Orwell himself was a socialist and therefore hated communism, he saw this book as a brilliant way to critisise the current sweep of communism he saw travelling through Russia, Europe and eventually on to the USA. In this book he used the 'farm' to symbolise communism. 'Animal Farm was the first book in which I tried, with full consciousness of what I was doing, to fuse political purpose and artistic purpose into one whole' George Orwell 'Why I Write' About two or three years later when Orwell had finished composing Animal Farm, he was determined to get it published, so he confronted a number of publishers and requested them to accept his story. Although he tried to get it published he did not succeed, everyone he tried turned him down. The reason was, that because of the recent ending of World War 2 they thought Orwell's book would not be suitable to publish due to the harsh criticism Orwell had given Russia within his book. Orwell realised that if he wanted his book to be published he must change what had caused the failure of his requests: the criticism. He amended the content so not to criticise anyone in a way which was noticeable and direct, but he was not going to change the purpose of his story, which was clear. " No book is genuinely free from political bias. ...read more.


'man' * Facts: The humans take the hens eggs The humans take the cows milk The humans sell animals as if it is in their interest Old major states these facts directly to whom it may concern within the animals making each of them feel that they have been picked out and involved. * Based on personnel experience: Old Majors speech is mainly based on his own experiences, he uses these to show that he has felt things and seen things different from the rest and he can reassure them by doing this, he also uses this chance to show the animals the worst in the humans, giving them more reason to rebel E.g. 'For myself I do not grumble...' '...As I see this straw beneath my feet, that sooner or later justice will be done.' * Involvement of audience: Old Major does this to make the animals feel picked out and involved E.g. The use of the word, 'our', 'you', 'your' (Also see Facts) * Dramatic oratory: " Remove man from the scene, and the root cause of hunger and overwork is abolished for ever" If I were to simplify the main issue in this speech it would be: "Man is the only enemy we have" Old Majors speech can be summarised in three sentences: "All men are enemies. All animals are comrades. All animals are equal" * Ending Strongly: In this case the strong ending is with a song " Beasts of England" Old Major tells the animals that he has known this song since he was small, OM starts singing the song to the animals after his speech is over, and if by 'magic' all the animals join in singing perfectly, as if to unite as one -coming together. They all sing in harmony and tune as if they had known the song for as long as Old Major had. Many of the sentences in the song represent the happenings in the story. ...read more.


We also see how shocked, hurt and disheartened the animals are when they lose their 'leader', from then on we are given excellent images of how the animals are lead by Napoleon to forget Old Major and what he wanted for the animals. Most things between the book and the film have not changed, such as the characters and their attitudes, but some features indeed change. The book version is one that is quite remarkable but does not depict the images very well for the reader, we ourselves must make up the images as we see them fit the script, however the film version shows us strong images that intrigues us and wants us to carry on watching, we do not need to make up the images because they are given to us. I think the video has a deeper affect on people emotionally because the events (such as OM death) are changed dramatically to affect the viewer, the book however may affect the reader mentally, because it may make them intrigued to figure out who Orwell was writing about and what the events and characters symbolised. My Conclusion Animal Farm is clearly a remarkable story in both text and video form, I cannot conclude which version is better, both have different qualities in different areas. Also both versions portray the story in different ways as to aim at a target audience. In my opinion I think the book would rather appeal to a more mature audience, and I feel the film would appeal to a much younger audience showing them a 'fantasy world' where animals can talk. Geroge Orwells purpose and motivation for Animal Farm is clearly layed out to anyone analysing this book. The film version enhances the story to make the analysing easier and more real to the analyst. The film version, I thought, was a great adaptation of the book and it was helpful to have two versions to compare and contrast, it made my report easier. George Orwell - 1903 to 1950 - 1 - ...read more.

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