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George Orwell's Animal Farm suggests, "Absolute power corrupts absolutely" How do Napoleon and the other pigs take control and have absolute power over the animals?

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Animal Farm George Orwell's Animal Farm suggests, "Absolute power corrupts absolutely" How do Napoleon and the other pigs take control and have absolute power over the animals? Animal Farm is about a group of unfair treated animals planning to seek revenge over humans. Their plan was to take over Manor Farm. The creator of the magical idea was Old Major, he had a dream one night and he woke up and told the other animals what happened in his dream. While Old Major telling the ending of the story Mr Jones shot him. But the other animals carried on his dreams to take over the farm. Seeing as Old Major was a pig, the pigs decided to take over because they were the cleverest people on the farm. Napoleon and the other animals scared Snowball the noble pig away because they knew he would figure out that Napoleon was inflicting cruelty on the other animals. The other animals thought Napoleon was always right. "Napoleon is always right" The animals thought this because they didn't have the brains to figure out that Napoleon was wrong. Animal Farm could be seen as an innocent fable or a fairy story, but it hides a much more complex story. Its deeper meaning is that of revolutions, dictatorships and also a warning of what can happen under a totalitarian state. ...read more.


Orwell makes it easy to read because it is aimed to be like a fairy storybook. Orwell tries to make it into a fairy story because they are childish images there is also anthropomorphism. It is not entirely a fairy story because all fairy stories have happy endings but with Animal Farm there is not a definite ending because the pigs are happy but the other animals are sad. The animals are sad because they are homeless. The seven commandments that were written on the wall were strange because they were the same as the Christian 10 commandments but the opposite in the way they were written. Old Major left these commandments for all the animals to follow. These rules were left to the animals to better their lives but it just made it worse due to the pigs. The commandments are similar because they are addressing different creatures of mankind. There are a few commandments that are similar like in the animals 7 commandments " Do not kill any other animal" this is the same but opposite to the humans. This shows how similar the two different creatures of mankind are. The pigs change the commandments because they realise that they were breaking the rules and they knew that the other animals weren't educated enough to pick the changes in the commandments. ...read more.


I did learn that everyone should get heard and everyone should be treated equally. My favourite part in the story is when there was the Battle Of Cowshed. Where it involved the humans and the animals. I liked this part because the humans thought they had defeated the animals but the animals out smartened them because Snowball planned this so the humans would be off guard and then he launched the attack, which involved all the big animals. This shows you don't need weapons to defeat your opponent you need the brains. The saddest part in the story is when Napoleon said to Boxer that he would be sent to a hospital but it was a lie. This really showed Napoleons character because he would sacrifice an animal so that he can do some business with Mr. Pilkington to buy some whisky. The novel teaches us that the animals don't have a choice; they don't get treated fairly because Napoleon and Squealer uses propaganda. I think everyone should get their say no matter if they are rich or poor, social class shouldn't matter. The pigs seize power by using totalitarian regime. I think we should live in a democracy because it is the way humans are living at the moment and everything is going good. People can have their say and people will get heard. By changing the way we live to a totalitarian regime could effect everyone and this could make the world corrupt. ...read more.

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