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German exchange-Minden - The long Journey to Minden.

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German exchange-Minden The long Journey to Minden Der Lange Reise nach Minden We set off from Nonsuch at 8 in the morning, after various passport checks by Mr Sides and number checks by the teachers who never seemed to get the right number! It was a long coach trip of people chatting amongst themselves, and this leg of the trip was mainly filled up with people only talking to those others that they knew. Finally, we arrived at Dover. After a short wait, we were allowed to board the ferry, and everyone rushed onto deck. The ferry was wonderful! The shop sold everything from CD's to clothes, from cameras to perfume! We all spent a short while exploring the ship, and then the boys found a caf´┐Ż to eat in, and the girls all tried to find somewhere to sit and rest! By the end of the ferry trip, the boys had joined the girls in the lounge area, and everyone had started the difficult task of learning and remembering names! The ferry arrived at Calais, and everyone piled back onto the coach and started to swap seats so they could talk to their new-found friends. There was then an extremely long journey through France, and our first pit-stop was in Belgium, where everyone rushed inside to use the toilets. After this 20 minute break, we all loaded back onto the coach and carried on our long journey. We then had another long drive before we had to stop to change drivers in the Netherlands. This held us up a little at the time, but we had no idea how it would effect the later part of our journey! When the coach finally started moving again, more seat swapping took place, and the boys started to read the girl magazines and visa-versa! We all asked for a film and the teachers put on Pearl Harbour, much to many of the boys' disgust. ...read more.


Most people made their way over to McDonalds, while our group found a nice chocolate shop to spend some of our Euros in. When the whole group met up again we all walked back over to the TV tower as the fog was lifting, and this time we all went up it. Some people stayed on the first level while we, being the more adventurous group, went upstairs to the restaurant. After some people got thrown out of the restaurant for not buying anything, we bought a salad to share and a few drinks. After the tower had made one full revolution we all made our way back down to the steady ground and made our way to the next wonder of the trip, namely the wall, still being led by the duo. When the boys got bored of the wall, they turned around and took us back to the train station; we all got on the nearest train and made our way to the next amazement, the church. When we were across the road from the church, I made the mistake of pointing out to James that the church was surrounded by the lustgarten, and a debate started about whether it was good to have a garden of lust right next to a church. Meanwhile, the rest of the group had made their way inside. After sitting through the ending of a German guided tour, everyone made their way outside again and sat on the steps waiting for the teachers. When they finally decided to re-appear from where ever they had been hiding, we all went to the Pergamon Museum. This museum confused us, as they had taken parts of monuments from all over the world and transported them to this one room. The only problem is that while being transported, many of the pieces had been damaged, so when they had been put back together, they did not fit very well. ...read more.


I made my way into the kitchen for my last ever meal in Germany, and found the whole family sitting around the table waiting. We ate our breakfast in silence, and slowly cleared away the plates. It was strange, because I had thought that I would have been looking forward to going home, but I didn't want to leave. The family and I walked out of the front door and down the familiar road to the school. When we arrived the place was swarming with people, all gossiping about what their family's had given them to take home and whether they were going to miss them. I went to say hello to a few of my friends, but went back over to the Kamps as soon as I got a chance to. I made Corinna promise to come over to visit us, and they told me that I could go and stay with them whenever I would like to. I reluctantly said my last goodbyes and made my way back over to the coach just in time to get a good seat. The coach drove off and we all waved goodbye to the German families for the last time. The journey home was a lot quieter than the journey to Germany had been, but it was still not quiet. There were a lot of mutters about David and people were trying to find out when he was coming home, but all that we knew was that his parents were already with him and that they would be bringing him home. We came back by the Eurostar which was a quicker experience, and finally arrived in England, where everyone rang home to say that we were running a little bit late. We arrived back at the school, said our last goodbyes and re-joined our families, only left with the memories of Germany. I am very glad that I went on the German exchange as it was a great experience and a lot of fun. I would definitely like to go again to re-live the fun. ...read more.

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