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Getting off the plane this morningeverything seemed to be something newgiving a new meaning to everything else.

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Jay Modi 3/8/12 World Lit H 204/Mr. Kelly The New Life Getting off the plane this morning...everything seemed to be something new...giving a new meaning to everything else. Now walking down the terminal, things continuously amazed me very much like as if I was little child. From the amount of planes that sat outside the window to all the people with gadgets and gizmos I never saw before, it was a change from what I left behind. It was all too new and confusing to me, whereas I stood out from the crowd, with the traditional clothing and the scent of the old life. ...read more.


Everything just seemed off. Soon I decided that I needed rest, and get something to eat, which is probably the reason why things are acting all weird. Going on to the line for a normal breakfast, came out to be more paranoia for my sake. People everywhere, just talking on their phones, staring at portable screens, carrying on life without meaning, looking more like robots than humans. Then the fresh scent of orange juice caught my attention to the front of the line where I was next. As I walked forward, the cashier of the breakfast spot seemed as if she was saying "Welcome to the Fast-lane, how may I help you lose your roots?" ...read more.


It was just a treacherous scene, knowing that they could have more fun as children. They were only content with these tiny video games, rather than looking around and finding something else to do. As soon as I started thinking about if I made the right choice coming here, my family came, lifting me up from these thoughts. I ran up to them hugging and kissing them with happiness written on their face that I am here. It was such a change from the last five minutes that I burst into tears as they opened their arms. I knew that I had finally come home. Everything eventually went back to normal, but that had remained in my memories for the years to come. ...read more.

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