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getting to school

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Getting To School I'll never forget the day I have to start school. It was a cold, rainy day. The day was full of gloom. I had to start Primary School. Mum had woken me up earlier than normal. I was worried even a little bit scared. I didn't know what was going on. Mum said " Morning, did you sleep ok?" "Yes!" I replied, still rubbing the sleep out of my eyes. I sat up, feeling only half awake. Mum was rushing around doing lots of jobs. She left me for 5 minutes but they time went by like 5 hours with suspense on my mind, wondering where we were going... Mum came back she looked very tired I was fully awake now. Mum said, "Today, you have to start school!" "Why" I replied nervously "Everyone has to go to school" Mum replied, trying to restore my confidence. ...read more.


Dad came in with the toast with butter and Marmite. "Thanks Dad" I said "My favourite!" "That OK, I'll be in, in a minute" Dad said walking back out to the Kitchen to get his breakfast. I stared at the toast; even though it was favourite I didn't know whether I could eat it. I felt as if I had butterflies in my stomach. Dad came in with toast and tea. He said "I'd better eat this quickly otherwise I will be late for my train". Dad ate it in one flash and in this time Mum had come down and she was now out in the Kitchen putting on her toast. Dad said "I've got to go to work now!" "That's OK!" I replied "Bye Chris, have a good first day at school and don't worry it will be OK when you get there you'll make lots of friends" Dad said trying to give me a boost. ...read more.


"Ok Mum!" I replied I put my coat on and Mum gave me my lunchbox. We opened the door the day was cold and rainy, it was horrible. Mum said "Run for the car door and you wont get wet" So I did and I didn't get wet. Mum then quickly locked the house and joined me sitting in the car. "Ready" she said "Yes!" I replied Mum said, " Lets go then!" She pulled out on to the road and we then took a left to get on to another road and then a right to get on to the main road. Every bend she took made me feels even more nervous. Traffic was light so we had no problems getting to school .......... We arrived and parked in this big school park. We got the only space left Mum said " That was very lucky" I said, " Yes, Mum what will happen today" She replied, " I don't know shall we go to your classroom, because the rain has stopped" "OK I suppose lets go" I replied ...read more.

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