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Ghost Stories essay

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Ghost stories- essay In this essay I will be writing about the ghost story genre. The ghost story genre is different to other types of story because it creates tension and suspense among the audience. Also authentic ghost stories involve supernatural beings. These factors make ghost stories unique. Ghosts have always appeared in plays and stories; for example Hamlin, Macbeth and the headless horseman all feature qualities of a ghost story. People still enjoy ghost stories in works such as hide and seek, Harry Potter and the sixth sense, which are all popular productions. In the nineteenth century ghost stories became very popular because more and more ghost stories were being produced. The introduction of films in the nineteenth century encouraged more and more people to make films; the audience took a liking to ghost stories and are still popular to this day. ...read more.


The withered arm is another good title as it makes me think that the story is interesting and that it is worth reading. The title of any novel is important because it is the first thing that the reader looks at and therefore gives the reader the first impression of the book. The short story writer has to attract the reader's attention straightaway, so the beginning of a story is crucial. In the beginning of the monkeys paw the writer grabs the reader's attention by introducing lots of characters in a short period of time. Also the writer uses lots of description and verbs which also help grab the reader's attention. A story can be told in a different ways. The monkeys paw is told in the third person. ...read more.


The writer has used a variety of short sentences for impact. This is because short sentences help create fear and excitement. The setting of a story is important because it determines the mood of the story, whether it is fear or humour. The monkeys paw is set in the white's family home late at night. The writer uses adjectives to create a mood of tension. A typical setting in a Victorian ghost story might include a cemetery or even sum sort of factory. This setting in the monkeys paw is typical of a Victorian ghost story. The short story writer has to capture the reader's attention with an effective opening and then has to make sure they keep their attention throughout. In the novel, the monkeys paw, the writer has more time for slower scenes as to much action would bore the reader. Also the reader may lose track of the story line and the reader would lose their interest in the story. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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