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Ghost Story.

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Adam Desai Ghost Story Introduction It was a cold starlit sky when a couple decided to steal a pawn shop which had many jewellery from different type of countries. It was located in an unusual part of the town where people do not often visit as it has a very strange atmosphere in the air. 'Quick, Quick' said the man grabbing his woman by her wrist and dragging her behind. 'He's coming, we must disappear before he sees us'. The man held his girl girlfriend very tightly by her arm, who was struggling to run with a heavy load on her back. As the couple hurried along the cold chilling street they slipped into an ally and began to catch there breath. Then came a rather large grotesque looking man charging from his shop, looking from left to right. ...read more.


The man then went back inside the shop and slammed the door which then sent a shudder through the couples body. As the couple went into the streets, they heard a little tap of footsteps in the alley which they were hiding in. The woman stopped and turned towards the alley where there was a dark shadowed figure in the mysteriously gloomy corner filled with a thick dark mist as if she was attracted to it. As the woman curiously stared in the corner, the man held hand and gradually pulled her away from it. As she exited the alleyway she heard a deep, slow trembling voice 'Where do you think you are going'. As she heard this voice it started to make her think she was hearing something in her head but soon she and the man realised something was in the corner. ...read more.


'I'm going to throw this back, we don't need it' As she dumped the necklace in the gutter, the couple left the scene of the robbery and they decided to take a taxi. As the car arrived the woman was adamant on taking a taxi but nevertheless decided to go in. As the man entered the taxi he was too occupied in the jewellery but when the woman sat down she looked in disbelief what was on the seat in front of her. The glowing black box was shining like a star and as she opened it, it contained a note 'Get Rich Or Die Trying.' As soon as she finished reading the note the taxi driver who was the shop owner then turned back and cackled in a callous, cold-blooded way 'REMEMBER ME' and drove the car down into the banks of a countryside where a low, lurid lake awaited the coming of the notorious thieves. ...read more.

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