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Ghost Story.

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Ghost Story As the explores entered the tomb they took every caution there torches illuminating the first corridor they had been trying to open for days and days on end. The first explorer step inside and looked around with his torch the hieroglyphic type of writing on the wall reached from top to bottom, this was to lead up to so much research it was not Egyptian because they weren't all pictures there was a few writings too. They were opening a tomb in a mountain in Peru which a climber had recently stumbled across. As the second explorer came in side she stood in awe of the amount of information that was held in one corridor. They walked further and further down the corridor they took precaution at every step making sure they didn't step into any serious traps. They walls where covered in various jewels and gems whomever's tomb this was he was very rich thought Jon, Jon had been through many expeditions through caves and many tombs in Egypt and some Inca temples, so he had a slight incline on what to expect. His new apprentice Nina had only been on a few expeditions but was getting the hang of what expect. ...read more.


"I think we should go back up top" she said worrying "Yes before we get too far down without any back up" agreed Jon as they turned and run back up the hill the tomb started to rumble and a grinding noise began they looked up where the door way used to be as a solid stone slowly slid into place that was it the only way to get out was to go down or go through the many door ways. Jon had both been in situations like this before. He showed this with his many scars on his arms from traps and scrapes. He was a well built man, he had a quite a bit amount of knowledge on ancient history too. While Nina was quite a slim woman and knew vast amounts of things about ancient history and had been in few expeditions and hadn't been in any situations like this. Nina started to panic, "Now what are we going to do?! We're trapped and there's something in here with us!" said Nina with unease in her voice. "Clam down." Jon said sternly holding Nina's arms to get her attention. ...read more.


He pocketed the figure and carried on retracing his steps back to where he came from to see if he could find Nina. 'If I keep running I might find an exit!' she thought, she had lost her rational thinking her instinct of fear was controlling her she felt like prey ten all of a sudden she fell into the floor, it was quite deep it was bigger than her easily then above her she nothing but a slight flicker from her torch dimly lighting the roof and the edge of the hole then all of a sudden appeared a pair of red gleaming eyes glaring down at her, she screamed for help as she did the creature shrieked and leaped into the hole landing in front of her. She screamed with fear the creature stood on it hind legs it was taller than her in this form. The creature shoved its face right in front of hers and let out a large roar that was the last noise she heard. The creature leapt on to Nina digging its claws deeply into her flesh then pulling backwards harshly tearing the skin from her bones the in a final howl it Raised its head into the air then open its mouth and bit off her head. ...read more.

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