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Ghost story

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The Tragedy Rob was cycling along a pleasant country road - at least it had been until it started to rain heavily. He had left home two days ago for a short holiday. He felt that he needed a break from his regular employment, which was teaching children. Rob was about 35 years of age and enjoyed getting out into the countryside. Since he had been a youngster, he had been a keen cyclist. He was not very tall, had dark curly hair and light blue eyes. It had been a long day and he was ready for something to eat and a rest. From the look of the sky it appeared that, it was going to rain for the rest of the day and it was time to find a bed for the night. He had seen no houses for quite some time and he was becoming concerned that he might have to sleep in the open that night. He turned a corner on the road and lo and behold, about a mile further along the road he saw some buildings close to the roadside. ...read more.


When he entered the room, he saw a young woman with long blond hair wearing clothes that were many years out of fashion. It was not that she was beautiful but he felt a tingle run through his body. There seemed to be magnetism about her. Her eyes were like deep green pools and he felt as if he was drowning in them. The weary traveller explained his situation to her and asked if it would be possible for him to stay the night and where he might be able to eat. She answered that there was nowhere in the village that could provide food for him, but that she could make a light supper if that was agreeable. She explained that there was no electricity in the area. As Rob listened to her voice, it was like the gentle sound of water running over a riverbed and again he felt the magic of her presence. The woman showed him to a room which he could use and told him that when he was finished to come down stairs where there would be food for him. ...read more.


She fell in love with a visitor to the house and she became pregnant by him. When her parents found that she was pregnant, they send her away to an aunt to have the baby there. While she was living with her aunt there was an influenza epidemic, which wiped out all of the people in the village. On returning to the village after the birth of her daughter she decided that she would wait for her lover's return to her as he had "promised". As the years passed by the realisation that he would never return became more certain and by the time her daughter was 13, she killed herself in a fit of depression. Rob stood in amazement and listened to the tale that the old woman told and when she had finished he asked her how she knew this story. The woman looked at him and said, "I know this because that was my mother who you saw last night". As Rob rode down the road out of the village, he felt as if a heavy load disappeared from his shoulders and the feeling of desolation vanished. And the sun came out... ...read more.

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