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Ghost story - the derilick fairground

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The Derelict fairground It was dark, the cold harsh sea air and spray whipped across his face. He was standing alone on a cliff over looking the roaring, treacherous sea. He heard a movement behind him; he felt a hand on his back and the next thing he knew he was falling, falling down into lashing sea. He sat up sweaty faced. He fumbled for the lights. He looked around, he was sitting up in bed in his room, and it was 5.30am. The morning sunlight was pouring though the curtains and everything was very normal. He often had these dreams due to his absolute phobia of heights. He despised aeroplanes, tall buildings and even going over bridges in the car. The whole 'height hatred' had started when he was three and he had fallen painfully out of an upstairs window. No real physical harm was caused but he had loathed heights from then on. Neville was an typical 10 year old boy, he had short red brown hair and electric blue eyes. ...read more.


The room was cool and dark, Neville wiped his forehead. Suddenly he realizes it was pitch black. He squinted around looking for the light switch. He could almost taste the dusts fogging up the room. He stumbled forward searching for the switch. He tripped over something on the floor on the floor and fell painfully to the cold concrete floor. He opens his eyes wearily and glanced around the room. An excruciating pain shot through his head like a bullet almost knocking him back to the floor. He stood up again wobbly and stumbled forward. He grasped the door handle with both hands and yanked it open. The fair was unnaturally, quiet there were no lights, no people and no noise. He started to panic, he ran confused into the dew drenched square. There was no one to be seen. A flapping and loud noise made him jumpy he swivelled around staring about for the culprit. He looked up to see a looming black crow perched atop a large circus tent. ...read more.


He looked up to see the large hulking figure again. However, his face had a slightly concerned smile crossing it. He held out a hand and pulled Neville to his feet. "Nasty bump you got there lad, how are you feeling, you've had me worried sick. Your mum thought she had lost you and then a word went round saying a boy was running about screaming and crying" said the man in a gruff voice. Neville looking startled stared up at him. In an astonished voice, Neville replied. "But the shadow and the scream, it was empty" The man looked down at him puzzled and somewhat concerned. "We better get you to hospital and checked out" Neville followed the man to a small office where his mother sat crying and sobbing in to Neville's dad's arms. He went to the hospital and they said it was just a bump, but he must have just been disorientated. They instructed him to stay at home and rest for a few days, but he never could forget it. Every night before he went to sleep, he could hear that blood curdling scream and see shadow flickering past the window. ...read more.

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