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Give an account of the part played by the supernatural in Macbeth

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Give an account of the part played by the supernatural in Macbeth One of the main themes of Macbeth could be considered as evil. This is because the witches are a form of this evil and tempt Macbeth into killing, which can be considered as an act of supernatural. To determine the essay title the word 'supernatural' has to be understood. It is defined as 'something not belonging to the natural world.' In Macbeth there are many different types of supernatural activities that occur, one being the witches, who lead Macbeth on with predictions about the future. There is also the cosmic chaos, 'Thunder and lightning,' which occurs usually when the witches enter and the visions, which include the apparitions and Banquo's ghost. The different types of supernatural in Macbeth make the play more interesting. The first supernatural occurrence is in the first scene of the play, where the witches are the first characters to enter creating a supernatural mood. The cosmic chaos caused by the witches, 'thunder and lightning,' adds to the atmosphere. ...read more.


In Act two scene one when the murder took place, Macbeth foresees a floating dagger before him, 'Is this a dagger which I see before me.' As the dagger is covered in blood, he is not sure whether it is telling him to kill Duncan. He cannot understand why he can see it but not touch it, and questions his sanity. This supernatural occurrence may have pushed Macbeth towards the murder but shows his mental instability. In Act three scene three the murder of Banquo has been committed. In the following scene there is a supernatural occurrence where the guilt of Macbeth is shown by the ghost of Banquo appearing at the banquet to celebrate Macbeth's coronation. As Macbeth throws the banquet into turmoil by seeing Banquo's ghost, in whom no one else can see, Lady Macbeth is trying to keep an organized atmosphere. The supernatural activity causes great disturbance with Macbeth almost giving him away as the murderer of Duncan and Banquo, 'Thou canst not say I did it; never shake Thy gory locks at me.' ...read more.


Macbeth takes all the apparitions the wrong way and thinks that any human cannot kill him and that forests don't move so he is invincible. The apparitions therefore played Hecate's part of the supernatural and made Macbeth over confident, therefore causing his own down fall. The audience however knows differently as in the previous act we learnt that Macduff has gone to raise troops and bring down Macbeth. The effect of this act on the audience is to put some unease in their minds as they do not yet know the Macduff was of a caesarean birth. The parts that were played by the supernatural in this play were around the main characters of Macbeth and Lady Macbeth. Without the witches, apparitions and visions it would be hard to tell whether Macbeth would have taken the same actions. With each supernatural encounter that Macbeth had, it turned him into a more harmful character and vulnerable to influences, like the witches, 'And betimes I will, to the weird sisters.' 1 Victoria Mote ...read more.

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