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Giving an opinion-Should smoking be banned?

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Lewis Smith Giving an opinion-Should smoking be banned? I am writing an argument on should smoking be banned! In my personal opinion I agree on smoking to be banned. I believe that smoking is effecting the environment, and also effecting non-smokers through passive smoking. Here are some points against the argument: Smokers say that they only smoke because they're stressed, if this is true the smokers will be suffering if they ban smoking, because they will be stressed out all of the time. Its been tested that 85% of smokers find it difficult to quit smoking, if smoking get band how are these smokers going to manage without cigarettes. ...read more.


If they do decide to ban smoking there would be protests and people doing extreme things just to be able to keep smoking. Here are some points for the argument on should smoking be banned: Smoking is killing more than 100,000 a year in the UK only through cancer. In my opinion that's is far too many, when that number could be down to nothing a year because they are unable to smoke. There will be far more people living and less people dying. Smoking is affecting other people who don't smoke through passive smoking. ...read more.


In my opinion this is stupid, if these smokers have kids they could give them eight pound a day instead of spending it on cigarettes. In a way this is like paying all this money to kill yourself. In my opinion smoking should be banned, simply because it's killing thousands and thousands a year, people are spending too much money on them and it's effecting non-smokers like myself. The best way in my opinion is too band smoking altogether. The only other thing is, if they cant give up they should be a special place to buy them and a certain place to smoke them, a packet of fags should cost ten pounds for a packet of ten, simply because this should stop people buying cigarettes. ...read more.

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