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Gladiator and Saving Private Ryan - ****

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How do the directors of 'Gladiator' and 'Saving Private Ryan' make the opening of their films appeal to the audience? In this essay I will answer the question above. I will comment on different variables such as camera angles, sound effects, the set, themes, dialogue and also symbolism. Throughout the assignment I shall comment and discuss the differences and the similarities between both of the movies, compare the opening sequences of the two films using the variables that I have mentioned and also I will conclude with which movie I believed had the most effective opening. To make a good movie a lot of things need to be contributed towards it. This includes comedy, action, a gripping storyline, a good use of the stated variables and also it needs to be easy to follow because if it is not, it can be hard to follow. An example of a film which has been superbly done is 'War of the Worlds' directed by Steven Spielberg. The story is about a man that is separated from his wife and children. One weekend they come to stay with the father and the unthinkable happens - aliens attack Earth. Throughout the story it follows the characters, showing raw emotion, action, and suspense which truly interact with the viewer. ...read more.


Shortly after, a close-up shows the face of an old man who was indeed the Emperor - Marcus Aurelius. My first impression of this particular point in the film shows that it was a memory. A memory of Maximus in his home land - a farm - with a cornfield. You immediately notice the cornfield because of its rich golden, yellow colour. This is very distinctive. At the opening credits, there are rich colours - red and black with a white mist swirling through. Whilst the battle occurs, the scene is set with dark and dull colours - black, grey and blue. These colours represent hatred and war, match the setting and neatly set the opening. 'Saving Private Ryan' was directed by Steven Spielberg in 1998. The film is about three brothers who were killed during World War Two, fighting against the Nazi empire on June 6th 1944. The mother of those sons is due for a death letter from the army later that day, but shortly before, the army discover that there were actually four brothers. They then set out on a mission to find the other brother by the name of 'Private James Ryan' and send him home, but they are unsure whether he is dead, or alive behind enemy lines. ...read more.


The similarities between Russell Crowe who played the Gladiator and Tom Hanks who played Captain Miller, is that they both played leadership roles. Both of these characters made sure that they were obeyed by others and both did good jobs as being leaders. The differences between the two characters and the films are that 'Saving Private Ryan' was based on true events that actually occurred during World War Two. The Gladiator wasn't based upon real events and was fictional. Maximus, a Roman General, was a warrior, a leader of men and a brilliant tactician. He is different, compared to Captain Miller, because Tom Hanks plays a leader of a platoon, and officer and a very wise man who fought in war - Maximus, a General, fought in battles. In conclusion, I can see that Steven Spielberg is the most successful Director because he engaged me into the film by using true facts and plenty of action. For me, he created suspense and sadness for the characters and their country. When I watched 'Saving Private Ryan', it really showed me what life must have been like during WW2 and how many lives were lost trying to save their country. Personally I believe 'Saving Private Ryan' is the better film for it's opening, it was down to Earth and compelling and I thoroughly enjoyed it. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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