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Gladiator - Creative writing.

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Gladiator I stood there impatiently for the colleseum doors to open, waiting urgent to see who I would fight. Waiting there, thinking of what might come and kill me made me feel so tense. I was feeling so tense. My head was hurting so much like as if someone was banging my head with a hammer; my heart was beating so badly. Billions of images of soldiers, wild beasts, wild animals, chariots, horses and all sorts of things were zooming through my head. I could feel my hands sweating as I held my shield. My hands were shaking. My whole body was shaking. I felt so terrified. Suddenly the gates of hell started to open. ...read more.


I had the feeling that my death was before me but I knew there was no way of escaping. The germanians had to be defeated. I found myself standing in the middle of the colleseum. There in front of me a gladiator ripped a sword from another ones hand leaving him suffering in pain. Another gladiator slapped a soldier with his sword and sent him spinning off into the dust. Horses came galloping towards me. Billions of big, bulky soldiers kept clashing into me with their shields of armour. The commanders commanding, the crowd screaming and roaring, swords smashing, horses clip clopping deafened my ears. But there was no way out of this indescribable atmosphere or should I say my worst nightmare. ...read more.


He fell into the dust and the sand turned red as blood ran out of him. One last time, he cried out weakly "In the name of Christ, stop" then fell dead onto the ground. One by one they were all gone. The crowd grew silent and within minutes they escaped out of the colleseum. The colleseum was like a pool of blood with dead bodies here and there. The smell of rotting flesh and disgusting urine made me feel sick. I was horrified it was a disgrace but at least my nightmare was over. We had won the battle. Finally I had victory. I felt like a huge weight had been lifted. The vibration of the swords smashing against my helmet was trapped inside me. The taste of blood was caught inside my throat. However I still had much more to do. This was just the beginning... ...read more.

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