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Gladiator Film Review

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H/W Gladiator Film Review 31/8/07 "The Gladiator who defied an empire." The film that won over our screens. Gladiator is a compassionate film showing one man's personal journey of vengeance. Russell Crowe as the lead actor was born for the part, with his demeanour and look about him, he makes the perfect Roman General. We follow General Maximus from his latest battle and before he is allowed home the Emperor, Marcus Aurelius, (played by Richard Harris) tells the General he would like him to be crowned emperor after his death. However Commodus (played by Joaquin Phoenix) has other ideas and tries to execute Maximus and becomes Emperor himself. This is where the heart-warming story of Maximus really begins to unfold and you become involved in his journey and are made to feel like you want to step into his world and help him. ...read more.


The film has many attributes, which definitely overshadow the poorer qualities. The film is too long and could have been cut down, possibly in the tedious middle. The film though uses its special effects to great lengths, which successfully keeps you in touch and not walk out half way through, because you know the hero Maximus will pull off a spectacular feat soon enough. The build-up and tension is also a major factor as it is as effective as the special effects because you, again, get a sense that the finale is something that will whet your appetite and live up to the ending Maximus' journey deserves. This film also involves you in different ways. ...read more.


Phoenix maintains the hate-filled, weasel-like face throughout and superbly emits the detestable power that he has when Emperor at the Coliseum. The film has no historical relevance as Maximus never existed, yet Marcus Aurelius and Commodus did. Unless you are someone who believes films should stick to the facts, then it's not important. The films plot, though long, is entertaining and makes you think. The film certainly lives up to expectation and the fantastic way in which the director, Ridley Scott, depicts the story really does add to the aura of the film. It has definitely earnt it's 5 Academy Award wins, especially Best Picture and Best Actor. Gladiator has fought its way on to our screens with the same amount of vigour that Maximus gave and in the same way as Maximus, it fully deserves to. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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