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Gladiator film review

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Film Review: Gladiator Tagline: "On my command - unleash hell" Runtime: 155 mins Ahmed Al-Rubie, 10s Mind-blowing, action packed and awe-inspiring. What more could you possibly want from multi-award winning director, Ridley Scott? Already a legendary film, Gladiator produces some of the finest and scintillating contrasting scenes, leaving us, the audience, absolutely gob- smacked at the superb directing and acting on show. Released in May 2000, Gladiator had audiences off the edge of their seats in the amazingly contrasting opening scenes, which depicted many themes and plot outlines such as love and war, which left the audience with a sensational feel-good factor and inevitably got them hooked on. The many camera angles and sound effects contribute incredibly to the huge success of this film and I shall be looking to identify and define these in my review. At the first gunshot, the first piece of real video we see is a track and close-up shot of the great warrior and commander Maximus (played by Russell Crowe) walking through what seems to be a heavenly plain of wheat, with the glazing rays of the sun glowing upon him. ...read more.


Love and life clearly connote with the opening scenes, visibly seen in the plain of wheat where the immediate area is so healthy and fertile. Couple this with the peace and sunbeams which clearly suggests early Spring/Summer and also the close-up shot of the wedding ring, everything emphasises the appreciation there is towards nature and Earth as a whole. This gives a tranquil and subtle impression to the audience. This impression is sustained to the next scene where life and beauty is depicted through a close-up of a robin, bubbling away at a branch top. This contrasts variably to the rough, cold terrain surrounding it. Furthermore, the robin, an animal of harmony, subsequently flies away in which we can deduce that danger is on its way. And danger there is. Various camera angles make the film what it is and the ensuing long shot of the landscape and animals establishes the scenery and gives us an indication of what's to come. The dark, gloomy setting delineates death is around the corner as black is ordinarily associated with death; therefore it sets the tone of the film. ...read more.


Thus, it created a reminiscent mood of peace and tranquillity. In addition, the track was ever-present in the first few shots and gathered tempo as soon as the first major battle begun to employ the scene is fast and frenzied. It created tension and shock because of its fast-paced nature. Likewise, a bit of diagetic dialogue added extra seriousness to the film and dramatic sounds of war such as battle cry's, clashing of swords and flying arrows made their intended impact on the audience and left a lasting impression. Everything just felt surreal and in ecstasy. Overall editing of Gladiator is superb; dissolving images blended and connected two scenes at the beginning, zooms into the enemy created tension and jump cuts during battle scenes formulated shock into the audience and were communally used to great effect. In conclusion, the spirit of the film was amazing. Also, essential elements just seemed to gel to create an astonishing commencement to Gladiator which left me, including the entire audience, with eyes fixed firmly onto the screen. Similarly, the performance of the actors and director were top-drawer and exquisite. Ridley Scott simply took the film to unprecedented levels. ...read more.

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