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Glasgow Essay

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Glasgow The city of Glasgow has around 600, 000 citizens and is Scotland's largest city and is the industrial capital of Scotland. It is situated on the west coast of Scotland and is easily reached by road, train or air. Glasgow is one of Europe's top twenty economic centres and is home to many of Scotland's leading businesses. The city has many public art galleries, museums, leisure centres, theatres, also many restaurants both formal and informal, plenty pubs and clubs, and lots of beautiful parks and many more popular attractions. In addition to all the city life there is a beautiful countryside and the beaches are easily reached by car or any type of transport. Glasgow is also only forty two miles from the capital city, Edinburgh. ...read more.


In 1471, Provand's Lordship, Glasgow's oldest house was built, directly opposite the Cathedral building. By 1730 Glasgow's tobacco lords had taken over the market and in the process had become Scotland's first millionaires. By the end of the 18th centuary Glasgow had become Britain's biggest importer of sugar. The transport developed most recently in Glasgow has been particularly successful such as the Kingston Bridge, the Clyde tunnel and the M74. The Kingston Bridge was built across the river Clyde in the city centre at Anderston between 1967 and 1970. It joins the east M8 motorway, and when built was the longest bridge in Scotland. The Kingston bridge is the busiest part of road in Europe with up to 170, 000 cars using it daily. ...read more.


Connecting the north and the south of the country is the Clyde tunnel, which runs under the river Clyde from Govan to Whiteinch. It was opened in 1963 by Queen Elizabeth II. Immediately after the Second World War Glasgow faced a major housing crisis. In 1947 a group representing Glasgow visited Marseilles to see the new tower blocks designed by a French architect Le Corbusier and the high rise flats were then introduced to Glasgow. However once built, the planners had failed to realise that these flats were not suitable for all environments and people. Very rapidly many of the high rise flats weakened into grubby and damp homes which resulted in people falling ill etc and soon many had to be demolished. Glasgow, is a very successful, busy city with beautiful countryside which today, attracts people from all over the world. ...read more.

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