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glass menagerie Creative Writing Task

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Creative Writing Task Stage Drama "The Glass Menagerie" by Tennessee Williams [Tom heatedly steps down from the fire escape and approaches the nearest road outside in which he finds an old, silvery bench to rest on. He then lights up a cigarette and begins to ponder about his actions back at the Wingfield household] Tom: Wait a minute... Was that the right thing to do? Should I have done that? [Sighs] It's strange you know. I'm finally free from the maddening house I've wanted to leave for years, yet I'm not feeling any satisfaction at all. In fact, I'm actually feeling somewhat awkward and displeased. Perhaps this wasn't the best choice to choose? Abandoning mother and Laura doesn't seem like the right thing to do. [Pauses for a moment, and then unexpectedly shakes his head in disbelief] No, No... I can't turn back now. It's too late. What will they think of me if I come back now? No, going back is definitely out of the question. [He stares blankly at the ground with his head down feeling ashamed] Tom: Oh Laura, I hope you're not mad at me. ...read more.


I sacrificed my own life in order to take care of them... You know what; they are the ones that should be feeling guilty. Not me! [A barely visible smile appears on his face] Now I can see why my father left the family... Who could have withstood the power of my mothers nagging? No human being could have survived such torture and pain. Tom: Y'know what, I don't need them. I've been supporting a whole family all these years, so why would I have any trouble taking care of myself? I'll find a job as a poet, and live the life I've always dreamt of. No nagging mother or crippled sister... [Panic and fear suddenly runs through Tom as he is disturbed by the thoughts of him not being able to survive alone] Tom: Damn! How am I going to get another job? Can I get another job? Are there even any jobs for a poet during this Depression era? I should've thought this through... What will I do? What if I end up living on the streets? ...read more.


For Tom, the fire escape represents an escape from the frustrating Wingfield household, and into the world of reality. Tom stands outside on the fire escape to smoke, showing that he doesn't like to be inside. This also in a way foreshadows his eventual getaway at the end. For Laura, the fire escape is exactly the opposite. It represents a path into a safe world in which she can hide from reality. For Amanda, the fire escape is symbolic of her hopes and dreams that a gentleman caller will arrive to marry her daughter and leave her well supported. Laura's Glass Menagerie - In this scene, Tom tells Amanda not to expect too much from her daughter who lives in a world of glass ornaments. His reference to the glass refers to Laura's sensitive and fragile personality. She is very fragile because she gets unwell at the slightest uncomfortable situation, such as when she is asked to meet Jim. Jim O' Connor is another example as it symbolizes the real world as opposed to Amanda. He represents reality and change, both of which Laura fears. Allusions: Amanda describes the moon as a "little silver slipper", which is an allusion to Cinderella. ...read more.

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